It's Where My Demon's Hide

One Direction. Their name is known everywhere. Not for a good reason etheir. One Direction, the boys we thought we knew... are criminals. They kidnapp girls and messes with their heads before killing them. They target all over the country. Sadly, for certain girls.. there luck isn't with them. But. do these boys have a story behind their nasty ways? Will they fall in love with their victums?

~Also on Wattpad Account User; GraceStyles37


1. Chapter 1

Cory's POV

"They were everything to us.... now their nothing" Kyliee frowns and continues, "I just can't believe we trusted them like that..".

"Get over it Kyliee they are bad people" I roll my eyes and continue reading my book.

"It's just so hard to though! To have trust be taken away so quickl-" I cut her off by covering her mouth and listening. I heard something. "Kyliee, go wake up the girls. Were leaving the house, NOW" I whisper/yell and she nods running to them. I quickly lock the door for now and wait for the girls. Soon enough,Kyliee comes out with 3 sleepy girls behind her. Brittney goes to the kitchen and grabs food, Emma, went to the bathroom to look at her appearence to perfect always. I chuckle. Last but not least, Clarissa, lays down and orders Brittney to bring her food snapping her fingers. I laugh again and watch them but, remember my purpose in waking them up.

"Pack your bags girls were leaving. Not forever but for now." I rush them and hear a loud gunshot. Shit. Im rushing them out the back door by the time I hear a girls scream. They hop into the car and we drive off, not long after I see a car come rolling out in a high speed chase to catch us. I step on the gas, cuting off people here and there. The car is too far behind to see for all I know, so I slow down. The girls all freaking out trying to help Brittney with her Asthma. "Cory, we need to stop! Brittney's choking" I hear Clarissa scream and I pull over.

"Shit, hurry up" I mumble as the grab her inhaler out the back. They quickly get back in and I drive off still not seeing the black truck anymore.

Harry's POV

"Shit" I groan,"We lost them".

"We will catch them tomorrow Harry" Zayn pats my back and I brush him off. I really wasn't in the mood to choke him right now. Even though I usually would. Niall looks at me with sympathy and then his eyes dart to the road and they fill with lust. I quickly look, I couldn't believe my eyes.The girls! I quickly told Louis to wait at the next intersection for them to come then chase them. I'm not letting them get away. They know it too. I quickly see the drive by.

"Hit it Lou!" I yell and he presses the gas full on and chases their car. They notice and start flipping lanes again. We can't cause a scene or the cops will be on our ass. We quickly slow down but its far too late, the cops are on us. We dodge and cut off the girls loosing the cops. But, they get the smart idea to move and have us in full view.  Niall chuckles in back,

"You find this funny?! We could go to jail" I yell. He looks at me with angry eyes, "You mean YOU could go to jail" He laughs again making me enraged. I grab my old sunglasses I never use and smash them in the palm of my hand then yelling, "You would go with me Kid, for abuse and being my partner in crime" He shuts up right after. He knows its true as well, its only a matter of time before we are caught, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

We quickly  hit the petal and switch lanes loosing the girls an the cops. I wasn't ready to go to jail without those girls.  I don't give up on anything. Ever.

 Hey Guise! Its me! Grace! 

This chapter is I know, super short. They will get longer. You will find misspells here and there because I don't go over and correct them. I see them but I don't usually have the time to perfect it. My Wattpad account was recently erased with all of my books so Im starting off fresh!



Question Of the Chapter: Who's The Craic?      Answer in the comments!   ~Gracie xoxox

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