Unexpected Love.💜

Harry works at the bakery. Sabarina goes to the bakery every day to drink her tea and eats her muffin. She stays there until closing time. By then he cleans the tables. "I'm gonna audition for the X Factor!" He tells her. She wishes him good luck. He goes into X Factor and joins One Direction. He comes back from The Take Me Home Tour and goes to see Sabarina and apparently she moved away. He called the bakery and asked if she stopped by. She wasn't there so the next time, the bakery called and they met up.


1. Sabarina

Harry's POV

I get to work 5 minutes early. At 8 o'clock sharp, Sabarina is there every day when I clean the tables. I see her reading a book. "Is that a good book?" I ask. "This book is beyond good!" She replies drinking her tea and eating her muffin. "I'm Harry." I introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Sabarina!" She says. I've always had a crush on her. I only look at her. I'm too shy on talking to her. My mum, Anne, offered me to go and join the X Factor. "I'm gonna be going to audition for the X Factor!" I tell her. "Oh, That's awesome! Good luck! I hope you win!" She replies. She gets her laptop and begins her work. I just look at her all day. I hope she likes me.

We talk every day and eventually she says, "Harry, I'm moving away and I won't see you again. My dad got a job that requires him to move. I'll miss you and the bakery. Bye." She says hugging me.

Before she has to go, she leaves a note saying,

"Dear Harry,

I hope you have fun and good luck! I bet you'll get First Place and become Famous. You'll be the best singer ever. I hope to see you around. I'm sorry I have to move. I'll miss you. I hope you can come to New York.

Love, Sabarina."

When I get home, I get dressed and leave for the try-outs. Mum takes me and wishes me luck too. All I can think of is work and Sabarina. I am so shy they can barely hear my words, "Hello, my name is Harry Styles, I'm 16, and from Holmes Chapel." Then I sing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. Simon Cowell was impressed. Later on, I was put in a boy band with 4 other guys. Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis, which I met in the bathroom earlier. Nicole put us in the group. At the end, we ended up in Third Place. Our band was called 'One Direction.' We released our first single, 'What Makes You Beautiful' and it hit number 1. We release 'Up All Night,' our first album. A year later, we release 'Take Me Home.' We do out first tour called 'The Take Me Home Tour.' We get a little break and I decided to come back home and see mum. I knock on the door and mum opens up. "Hi mum." I say. "Oh, Harry! It's so good to see you!" She says. "How are you? How is everybody?" I ask. "Good, good." She says. "What about Gemma?" I ask. "She's upstairs. Here I'll call her." She replies. "No no no! Mum,, it's ok. Do you actually mind if I go for a walk and meet everybody? And visit Barbara at the bakery?" I ask. "Ok, just be back at 6, we'll have dinner by then." She instructs. "Ok, bye." I say waving. I go to the bakery and see Barbara and see my old friends. We continue tour and our next stop is New York. I remember that Sab is there and I hope to visit her.

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