The Traveling Soldier.

Harry Styles, a 22 year old Army Dependent who's on leave for 2 weeks, goes to a beach for a quick surf. At the beach he sees a girl sitting on the railing beside the ocean, with some of her friends. Harry and the girl, Jessica, become very close, and soon fall in love with one another. Will things work out? Or will Harry lose Jessica's love?

Inspired by Dear John ♥


3. Chapter 3: The Letters.

Harry pov

Dear Jessica,

Your letter put a special feeling in my heart, you have no idea how hard Zayn and Louis laughed at how Niall and Hanna are dating, but Liam thought it was cute. He's the sap of the whole group.

I really miss you, ya know? You're the light to my tunnel, you complete me.

Jess, things are getting kind of crazy in the war. I was almost shot, it terrified me. But Liam took the bullet for me. He's in intensive care now. I really hope that he'll be okay.

I miss your smile.

Jessica... I know you didn't know dear Liam very well, but he didn't make it, the bullet had went through his heart, and we thought that he could be saved, but he couldn't. I hate the fact that his wife is going to hear about this... I'm not going to write any more today...

Things are getting a lot better, actually. I've found a couple pictures of you and I, and it brightens up my day, and makes me try harder. I know that the sooner the war is over, the sooner that I get to see your pretty smile.

I love you, Jessica.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love always, Harry. 

I looked over the letter and smiled a bit to myself before putting it in the envelope and handing it to the carrier.

Jessica pov

I picked up the toy truck and zoomed it across the floor, causing Devin to laugh. I looked up at Alan and smiled. I recently found out that Alan was diagnosed with cancer... I have no idea how he's supposed to support a child with it, but we'll find a way. I felt really bad for Devin, he's autistic, and he's been getting made fun of at school.

I thought about Harry the other day while looking at some pictures we took while he was here. It made me miss him a lot more.

I saw Niall and Hanna today, and he asked how Harry was doing.

I haven't gotten a letter yet, so I lied and said he was doing good.

I really hope it's true.

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