The Traveling Soldier.

Harry Styles, a 22 year old Army Dependent who's on leave for 2 weeks, goes to a beach for a quick surf. At the beach he sees a girl sitting on the railing beside the ocean, with some of her friends. Harry and the girl, Jessica, become very close, and soon fall in love with one another. Will things work out? Or will Harry lose Jessica's love?

Inspired by Dear John ♥


2. Chapter 2: Waiting on Love.

Harry's pov

It's already been two weeks, Jessica and I have became very close.

*Beginning of flashback*

"Jess!" Harry called out. Jess came peeking around the corner, her small feet making tapping noises on the ground.

"Yeah, Hazza?" She came around the corner to have flour thrown in her face and to be kissed by a pair of familiar lips.

"Harry Edward!" Harry jerked away and ran around the table.

"Yes, dear?" He said with a smile.

Jess picked up a handful of flour, and walked over to Harry, dumping it on top of his light brown curls and kissing him after.

"I love you." She whispered.

*End of flashback*

Now here we are, lying on the ground and watching the stars. "Hey, Hazza?" Jess commented, lying her head on top of my chest. "Yeah, Jess?" I felt a wetness on my chest, and sat up to see her crying. Her blonde hair falling in her face. "Jessica? Hey, hey! What's wrong, love?" I pulled her to me, hugging her close. "You... You leave tomorrow.." She said in between sniffles. I bit my lip, rocking slightly. "I know..." I whispered. "Hey... You know what? We can write letters, I can tell you about the war, and how things go on." I said while smiling. She pulled away from me, her lips in a small pout. "Really?" I leaned in and quickly kissed her. "Of course."

Jessica's pov

I held both of Harry's hands and kissed him. "Okay. I love you Haz." He smiled and pulled me into a hug. "I love you too, Jessica." We just lied there for a while, holding one another. Talking about how things were gonna go after the war, and how we would get married, and have kids.

The next day, Harry left. I automatically sat down, and began writing a letter to him.


Dear Harry,

You haven't even been gone a full hour, and yet, I already miss you. I have no idea how I'm going to go a year without you, I know that a letter won't be enough. What if something happens to you? And I never get to see you again! Oh, Haz.. Now I'm crying. I'm so sorry. I don't know how well I'm going to take all of this.

You're going to miss my 18th birthday. It's okay though, we can celebrate after you get back. Remember how we first met? I fell into the ocean, like the ditzy blonde I am. I really miss you Haz.

It's been a day. I didn't write the whole letter yesterday. I couldn't. I cried all day yesterday. My mom was worried about me. Niall is doing okay, I checked up on him today. Him and Hanna are dating now, no surprise there! They're really cute. They remind me of us, sorta.

They bought a puppy together, and they've named it Pepper, it's a black yorkie.

I hope you don't miss me too much. You need to focus on the war, and not die.

Don't die.

I'd miss you way too much.

Well Haz, I'm gonna end the letter now. You be good and don't you miss me too much.

I love you, Harry. And remember... I'm still that pretty little girl with a bow in her hair.

Love, Jessica.

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