'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


7. may live?!

Niall's POV

me and the boys were sat on the interviewers sofa listening to the interviewer. well the boys were but I was to busy day dreaming "so Niall, your not single anymore?" I heard the interviewer say to me, I looked around and the boys were winking and looking at me with big smiles, thiey think im going out with Vicky

"oh no no no, I am single I just didn't answer because I was--" I looked down at my hands, this was embarresing

"you were what?" they asked

"day Dreaming" I told him and the boys all boo'ed me, I looked at them "what? you want me to say I wasn't single even though I am?" I laughed

"yeah, we want you to say you and Vicky are dating" Louis and Harry told me, I shook my head laughing and turned my attention back to the interviewer and we finished it soon, we all oiled back onto the bus and I sat next to Vicky and gave her a hug, I need to tell her about my feelings, but not anytime soon we have only know each other for a few weeks. I got up and walked over to Amy who was in the Kitchen

"hey Amy" I told her huffing and sitting down

"hey Ni, whats up?"

"i need your help" i looked up to her, hoping she would help

"what do you need help with" she looked at me with a confused look on her face 

"i like this girl but i haven't known her for very long, what do i do? and before you ask, you don't know her, its not Vicky" i lied to her

"hmm, show her a way of you liking her and then maybe she will realize you do and if she likes you back, she will let you know" i looked up at her with a thankful look and she smiled at me "no problem" she told me before i could thank her, i gave out a little chuckle as the rest of the boys walked in

"whats so funny?" they asked, i looked around then looked back at Amy and gave her a pleading look as too say 'please don't tell them' she looked up at the boys 

"i told Niall a joke, but it sucked" i gave her a thankful look 

"what was the joke?" Louis asked "i liked a good joke" 

"but it wasnt a good joke, its one i read out of a joke book when i was younger" she looked at him

"oh well come on, other wise i will start to think your lying to me" Louis said with a smug look on his face 

"you wouldnt" 

"i would" 

"fine, what do you call a ring thats always square.... a boxing ring" she looked at me and rolled her eyes making me laugh, i walked outside and saw no Vicky, i walked to the sleeping compartments and saw her on her phone on the bunk she sleeps on, as she looked up at me she smiled and got off the bunk and walked over to me. not long after standing in front of me, she flung her arms around my waist and hugged me, i put my arms around her and we stayed like that for a while. i started to feel a wet patch form on my shirt, i pulled her back and looked at her face with the tears streaming down her face.

"whats wrong?" i asked her, concern in my voice she gave me her phone and i read what she had been reading 

Rob Majour,47, was mentioned in our last article as one of the drivers that have been killed at impact of both cars on the motor way when both cars were spread across in small pieces. Fortunately there is good news for his family that he may live again but he is in a extreme critical case.

reading this made my blood boil, how could he live. how could he do this to Vicky, just give up on your life Rob, you have no one that loves you. i looked at Vicky to see she was still crying, i pulled her onto my lap and gave her a hug "shh, it will be ok, he wont get you, as long as you are here with me Amy and the rest of the boys he wont get you" i told her and she nodded her head and buried it into my chest. we stayed in a nice silence for a little while. "Vicky, you know... i will never hurt you, and i love you so much" i told her looking down, she was looking up at me with the old tears marked on her face "please please, be my girlfriend, let me call you mine and you call me yours, and i will love you forever" i told her, she smiled a big smile at me and nodded her head, i smiled back and kissed her.

we walked out together hand in hand, and sat on the sofa, i pulled her onto my lap and hugged her "hey Vicky, you alright?" Zayn asked as he sat down next to Harry

"she took her hearing aids out" i looked up at them rubbing her back, she looked up at me and asked what was going on, probably feeling my chest vibrate when i spoke 

'they wanna know why you took your hearing aids out' i told her 

'tell them i want a bit of piece and quite for a moment' i nodded and told them and they looked at me with an understanding look 

"so what happened when you were in the sleeping area with her?" Louis asked as he walked in the room with Liam and Amy 

"you know on our birthday there was an article about her father dying in the car crash?" i asked them waiting for a reply but instead all i got was a nod from everyone "well, she found an article about how her dad has survived in a extreme critical case so he has a small chance of surviving this" i told them, they all shot out of their seats with clenched fists "wow guys calm down, i have told her that their is a slight chance of him surviving and if he does we will help to keep him away from her" as i said this they all calmed down and sat back down on the sofa's in front of me and Vicky. 

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