Story Of My Life~ Competion Entry

For the contest 'The Story of my life'! Hope you enjoy!


1. The Story of MY Life


Hiya! I'm Grace! I was born in Florida until I was 4 years old then was moved up to Indiana. Right there my life began. It was my home, my favorite state, my favorite place to live, I loved life and school was amazing! We didn't take many photos or videos but the memories we shared were unforgettable! For instance one of my favorite memories was going to Tennesse to see my cousins. I was about 6 years old when we decided for this trip. I loved my cousins but I mostly enjoyed the beautiful lake!

We had drove hours on end to see the lights of my cousin's beautiful house on the lake. It was about midnight when we had arrived and I was up for a good nights sleep. But, thats not what I got. We arrived and put our bags in the house and got warm hugs and kisses from the family before we settled in. Being a kid I went straight for my cousins room and began playing with her and her little sister. We loved each other and got along really well! By morning we were pooped and our parents decided to go out on the boat, Mackenzie, Makayla, and I were super excited we wouldn't stop bugging them. Finally we got out on the boat and it was amazing. The beautiful scenery, although I was a bit of a brat and decided to through a fit over wearing a 'Life Vest'.  We soon went swimming in the giant lake, and I experienced fear. It was terrifing to have the string of my life vest touch my leg slightly under the water, I felt the tingle and I started swimming fast as I could to the boat, only to realize it was the string.

Those were the days I will never forget. I have so many life changing memories in my past, and still to come! Another on of my favorites was when I was 8 years old, My brother had a girlfriend and we decided to go to 6Flags!

Me and my brother we super excited to go to 6Flags with Clarissa and her little brother. We hopped in the car and drove to their house which we happened to just get right back in their car. I met the little boy and sprung a crush, not a big one, but a little one for a little kid. We began driving but, we soon all fell asleep after and hour or so. When I had woken up we arrived to 6Flags and everyone got out. We joked around a little while before trying out our first ride. I couldn't handle the big drops. Which ment I ruined the fun. I had gotten my face painted as a pink kitten and we road a giant boat, which I also freaked out. I ruined the whole time but it was still fun for me. After the day was over we drove home and I told my mom everything that had happened it was amazing.

So many memories came back to me while making this story, So many i'd love to share! But, I just don't think everyone would like to read an endless list of stories! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading 'The Story Of MY Life'

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