Flowers for the Dead

Kimberly has a love interest, and he's breathing.


1. introduction


Prologue  | | 



 She watched him again, as he pulled out a cigarette to smoke from the carton in his shirt. It was one of those black and red plaid shirts that she'd imagined a broody lumberjack would wear whilst he chopped trees down effortlessly. There was a tiny, shallow, square cut pocket sewn on to the shirt near his left breastbone.

It was kind of entertaining watching the white rings on smoke fall from his perched lips. Kimberly had long ago coaxed herself into thinking that he was calling out to her every time that he smoked, trying to draw her out of her hiding spot. Not that it mattered if she did step from around the corner from which she had her body smashed up against, only her head was tilted around the curve on the corner. The haunting blue eye's of her's were drinking in his manly posture greedily like she was thirsty and happened to be water.

The icy wind whipped around her barely clothed frame, and yet, she didn't shiver. One of the perks of being what she was, Kimberly thought bitterly; Taking in the site  blowing throw his black tousled hair. A single masculine hand feathered through his inky hair to push it away from his eye's.


Kimberly felt like a stalker and surly looked like one as well, that is if people were gifted with the abitity to see her. Those people with the power to actually see,talk, and to touch spirits were few in between. In all of the hundred years that her spirit had been chained to this earth, she'd only had the pleasure of becoming friends with a seer.


Life as a ghost isn't all it's cracked up to be- yes, she haunted a few unlucky people, eavesdropped on celebrities- Chris Hemsworth being the most joy-able one, lord knows he is as sexy as a sin.  And now, her sights were glued upon Zayn, the clueless fellow she had been hovering around for quite some time now.


An obsession, though Kimberly preferably liked to call it a "long observation" had formed.  She adored bending over Zayn's shoulders as he sketched idly in his sketchbook and some times she wore on everything that was Halloween that Zayn would shiver, if only the tiniest bit.


Kimberly was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She had the power to will herself into becoming viable, but the problem was she didn'tt have enough energy to do it for long. It was a gamble, it was a risk, but she was a princess and she wanted her bad boy prince.

"  I'm going to caught me a good on and hang him in my coat." She laughed meekly, blinking as Zayn stomped the lit cigarette with his booted foot before turning towards the dark alley entrance that she hide within. With a brief ghostly smile, his lanky form walked away.


Releasing her breath, Kimberly melted into the dark shadows of the  alley.




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