Four years ago, at seventeen years old, Katrina Burke was madly in love. Until her relationship with eighteen year old Justin Bieber became abusive. Not even a year later, at eighteen years old, Katrina ran. At first she'd thought it was a good idea, but when she found out she was pregnant with Justin's child, her life became even more troubled and twisted. Now, at twenty-one, Katrina's life is good. She has a great job, a nice place to stay, and a beautiful three year old daughter named Camryn. Everything is perfect until a certain someone comes into her life again, ready to show her how much he's changed.
© 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


19. Chapter 18

Justin chuckled at my comment before smashing his lips onto mine. I swear I would never get tired of his warm, soft lips massaging mine. He kissed me slow and sweetly making me want more. Getting impatient, I put my hands in his hair pulling his face harder on mine telling me I wanted more. 

I felt him smirk against my lips before he started to fulfill my request and kiss my harder slightly nibbling on my bottom lip. I couldn't help but let out a moan and rub my body against his making him let out a groan. 

"My little Kitty Kat don't test me." He growled before dragging my bottom lip with his teeth. 

I smiled before capturing his lips again gliding my tongue across his bottom lip asking for an entrance. He opens his mouth letting my tongue sneak its way in. Once our tongues were moving against each other I flipped us over so I was now on top of him. I detached our lips in order to take a breath. Justin flipped us over again before pecking my lips then making a trail to my neck where he started to suck and nibble. 

I took this opportunity to run my fingers down his torso before reaching the hem of his shirt and removing it one swift move. With that one action our clothes were removed piece by piece. 


Justin's sweat soaked body collapse next to mine as he grabbed my hips and pulled my body close to his. I snuggled closer and rested my arm lazily around his abdominal. 

For a few minutes all you could hear was our very breathes trying to put them back to normal. 

"Justin?" I breathed out rolling onto his body resting my chin on his chest to look at him. He looked at me while moving his hands slowly down to my ass just resting them there. 

"After all the fights, all the stress, I need you to stay strong for Cam... for us. We love you so much that we would hate for something bad to happen to you. Just please try to find a better way to cope." I begged him tears coming to my eyes. 

"I know baby and I will. Just please lay with me for right now." He replied moving his hands to the small of my back gently caressing it. I nodded moving off of him and resting at his side, snuggling into his chest.

He tighten his grip around me before placing his soft plump lips on my forehead letting then linger there after he placed a kiss there. 

"I love you so much Katrina never forget." He whispered after. 

I smiled up at him before connecting our lips one last time. 

"I love you too." I told him before closing my eyes and drifting into a content sleep. 


I fluttered my eyes open the next morning hoping to snuggle deeper into Justin's chest but was shocked to feel a cold pillow in return. I frowned and moved my head off the pillow before sitting up and wiping my eyes. So I could wake up a little more. 

When I turned back to Justin's side I saw a note next to his pillow. With my name written in his neat handwriting. I furrowed my eyebrows before opening it. 

Dear Kat, 

I'm sorry to leave like this but I couldn't bring myself to tell you last night. 

I don't really know how to say this but, my problems shouldn't have to be yours or Camryn's. It was wrong of me to lie and jump back into your life so quickly. It's just that seeing you and that picture of her on your desk I felt like I needed to be there to love and hold you both in my arms. 

But I didn't know us getting back to where we should be would bring back so many bad memories. And those memories triggered back the only coping methods I knew. And once I tasted the stuff couldn't help but feel the pleasure and care free mood it brought. And now I don't remember how to get off of it.

I don't want you and Camryn to have to worry about me or for me to stress you guys out, you don't deserve that. So this is why I'm leaving. 

Don't ever think this is your fault Kat. It's entirely mine and I'm truly sorry for that. But please just remember that I love you so much I can't explain the feeling. Same with Camryn I love her to the moon and back a million times. 

I know I don't deserve it but I need you to do two things for me: 

1. Don't you ever forget me. It would hurt too much if you did. 
2. Cam is young and won't remember me when she gets older. Keep it that way for me. 

Love you forever and always, 

Justin xx 

By the time I read the last sentence tears were rapidly spilling down my cheeks. I lifted my hand to my mouth in shock. Why would he leave me like this. 

"No." I whispered to myself jumping out of bed and throwing random clothing on before walking down stairs looking everywhere for anything that was a sign of him not far or still here. But of course it led to nothing. 

Once I realized it was hopeless I plopped down on the couch laying down curling into a ball and sobbed. 

At this point I didn't care about anything I should've, I just wanted to get away from the world and think about Justin and how I wasn't good enough for him. 

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