The strangest years of my life

A true story about the strangest and worst years of my life... Also the people who got me through it <3


1. one

I've seen bad things happen in movies and tv programmes but i never thought that it would happen to the people i loved most. All throughout primary i was bullied because i didn't have much self confidence and didn't like to say much. I couldn't wait to leave the school because i thought it would all be amazing in comp. I was wrong...

A couple of weeks into Year 7 i found out my Mam was diagnosed with leukaemia and from that moment i know it would all get worse. While my mam was fighting her battle, i danced nearly everyday just like i have been since 2 years old. I felt like it was the only thing i could do to forget about my anger and sadness. There was one girl, Carley who kept me sane. She knew i had potential so she decided to mentor me. She gave me new dances for my competitions and made me the dancer i am today. On April 12th i was on holiday and my mam woke me up, it looked like she had been crying. She sat down next to me and said " Becky, Carley and her family have been in a car accident with a lorry and they have gone to heaven". At once i broke down, crying helplessly. 5 beautiful, strong people who i loved unconditionally had gone and i was never going to see them again. Carley (21), Beth (19), Angie and Dave (50's) and Lacie-Jade (2) dead, I never even got to say good bye.

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