You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


8. Chapter 8

The movie was just as i thought it would be. Boring.

We went out to eat after and it was the same. The guys were just talking the whole time. It was weird, Niall would talk to Sam all the time. But when he put his hand on my thigh or something, he would stiffen and change completely.

We were finely home from the long, boring 'guys nights' that i still dont know why i went to.

"Shoot." Sam mutters, looking at his phone while we sit around watching TV.

"Whats wrong?" I ask in confusion.

"I cant sleepover, we have the Polo shoot tomorrow!" He wines.

"Oh yeah, i forgot about that!" Since he moved to Ireland, we have mostly been doing the same shoots.

"Yeah my mom is here, i just got the messages."

"Get some beauty sleep princess." James teases him.

"Shut up." Sam says grabbing his bag."

"I will see you tomorrow love." He says giving me a heated kiss.

"Get a room." James shouts, running the moment.

"Bye guys! Love you." He says heading out the door.

"I love you too!" James says in a girly voice.

"You really know how to ruin a moment." I say to him, sitting back down on the couch.

"You know me." He says with a laugh.

"You both are models?" Niall buts in.

"Yeah." I say slowly.


they finish their movie, after the awkward silence and i go on my phone.

"I am hungry!" Niall wines as the movie finishes.

"Give me a minute." James says running outside and coming back 2 minuets later with a half eaten pizza box.

"Were did you get that?" I ask.

"I heard the pizza guy come to our house and they were in the theater, so i took it."

"You know we could have just called and gotten another one?"

"Yeah, but this is easier!" Niall says grabbing three pieces and James grabbing two.

I take the last piece and they put in the third boring movie i will have to act like i am paying attention to for the day.

Half way through the movie Niall speaks.

"Here." He says handing me his last piece of pizza.

"No, its fine." I say pointing to my half eaten piece.

"Are you full?" He asks.

"Yeah." I say.


"I dont know." I say, feeling more awkward.

"You're so skinny!" He complains.

"Shes not hungry! Lets watch the show!" James says. And that is why he does not know about my eating habits.

"I am going upstairs." I say not wanting to stay.

"Stay! Please?" Niall pleads.

"Not unless were watching Mean Girls." I say laughing.

"Okay." Niall shrugs.

"No. Never say that." James stands up.

"How bad could it be?" Niall says, obviously he has not seen it.

"Its like batman, but for girls. Its their guid book. You will never be the same.

"Come on man."

"I am going up to bed." James says shaking his head, going upstairs.


By the time James is upstairs, Brooke is already putting the movie in the DVD player.

"You must really like this movie." I joke to the beautiful girl i just want to snuggle up to.

"Yeah!" She said pressing play and wrapping up in a blanket.

"Hey, give me some." I smile, getting under the blanket with her, forcing our legs to be touching.

Truth is, i was already hot, i just wanted to feel her skin against mine. She looked a little awkward at first, but by the time the girls were at lunch, she was half a sleep on my shoulder.

"Hey dont fall a sleep on me." I beg nudging her.

"Sorry, i will be right back." She says

Ten minutes later, she comes back down with some huge hipster glasses, a retainer, no makeup, and James sweatpants and sweatshirts. Even though i wanted her to where mine, she still looked cute in the baggy clothes.

"I know, its gross." She said hiding her face.

"Hey, no." I say removing her hands from her face as she sits on the coach.

"I was just trying to wake up, sorry." She bows her head.

"You look beautiful." I say tilting up her head with my fingers. Letting the words slip before i can think. "Sorry." I say trying to cover it up.

"Its okay." She says in a really high voice.

We spent minutes, what felt like hours, just looking into each others eyes.

"So how have you been?" I ask, breaking the silence.

"Good, modeling mostly, you?

"We our taking a brake from the Take me Home Tour this summer, then going to Australia in September. We are also working on our third album, and our movie came out last mouth."

"Thats amazing." She says.

"Yeah, the boys will probably come here soon. They really want to come since they have never been here and we have been to everyone els home."

"The boys?" She asks.

"My band members." I say slowly.

"Oh." She said in realization.

"So i am guessing your not a fan." I joke.

"No i ment- no, not really sorry." She looks down.

"Its okay!" I laugh.

"So you have a girlfriend?" She surprises me by asking.

"No." I say a looking down.

"Oh." She says with a slight smile, i choose to ignore.

"Wanna go play C.O.D?" I ask, trying to keep her awake.

"Sure, lets play call of duty!" She says as we head upstairs, shutting off the lights and TV.


"What?" She asks.

"Most girls dont play." I say pointing out that she new the name.

"No i dont know how to play. I just here James and Greg talking about it all the time." She laughs in the cutest voice i have heard.

We head upstairs and lay agains my bed, where James is sleeping and i set up the XBOX.

An hour has past full of, teaching, learning, pushing, shoving, laughing, yelling, and name calling. Yet James is still sleeping like a baby.

"Were done." I say shutting it off after i won for the 9th time.

"Hey, i wanted to beat you again!" She yells. She won once, now she thinks she is all that.

"We need to go to bed, its one in the morning." I say standing up.

"Fine." She yawns. "Where should we sleep?" She asks looking at James, covering the whole bed.

"Lets sleep in Greg's room, i dont think their home yet." I say.

"Okay." She nods as we turn off the lights and head to the room next door.

I grab a blanket off the bed, and was about to set it on the floor.

"What do you think your doing?" She laughs. She is a little to tired.

"Sleeping?" I say in a little more of a question.

"Not on the floor! Come on the bed." She says hoping in the bed and going under the covers.

I just shrug and do the same. She moves a little closer to me and i lightly drape my arm around her waist. I kiss the back of her head and whisper night. Hopefully she is already sleeping.

I am sleeping in the same bed as the most beautiful girl in the world. But, shes not mine... yet.

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