You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


6. Chapter 6

"I- ummmm... he... ugggg-" i stutter trying to figure out what to say.

"She just hasn't been eating healthy and i'm helping her." Grey cuts in, lying for me.

"Oh? Okay." Niall says.

Its not a real believable lie, but Niall bought it thankfully. I am not good at lying. I am good at avoiding the truth, but a complete lie can't come out of my mouth with out stuttering or something.

"Yeah we got to go back to school." I say so their will be no more questions on this topic.

It was a very silent and awkward ride back to school.

I was to worried to care about the rest of the school day. It was not until my teammates came up at the end of the day and reminded me we have practice.

We barely did anything since it was only an hour, and we spent most of the time stretching.

"Are you coming to Starbucks with us?" Emma ask's as i drink the last of my water.

"Sorry, i got to go with my brothers, catch you later, bye!" I say putting on my cut up tang top and slinging my duffle bag over my shoulder.

I wave bye as i head to the soccer field, since they still got an hour left.

I walk up the bleachers, getting ready to spend an hour with the other guys annoying girlfriends.

"I can't believe Niall is here!" The one with a braid and shorts up her ass squeals as i reach the bleachers.

"Niall? Thats weird." Another girl says with bleach blond hair and her breasts hanging half out. I will give her that, they have all known him since grade school. That would be weird if they asked for a picture or something. "But his bandmates? Thats another story." She giggles. And their goes what little respect i had for her.

I was not spotted yet, i was debating wether to wait it out in the car.

"Brooke!" Someone yells. Just great. As i turn my head i am surprised to see Niall calling my name from the side line, waving me over.

I just shrug walking to him. It would be better then sitting with those girls.

"Come sit with me! Im bored!" He wines.

I follow him to the bench, where all the guys water and equipment lays.

"Greg not letting you help?" I ask. As we sit next to each other, almost touching.

"No." He huffs leaning farther back. "I can only really do goalie. And apparently, their new little goalie needs to practice with them." He says in a mocking tone.

I just laugh since he is my boyfriend and Niall doesn't know, and is talking crap about him. And look who is heading this way.

"Hey babe." He smiles leaning down, giving me a long tender kiss. I feel Niall stiffen next to me.

I back away and open my eyes, not wanting it to get to heated right now. I reach underneath me and give Sam his water. He smiles while squirting it into his mouth and giving it back to me.

"I got to go." He says giving me a peck on the lips again and jogging back to the field.

"So i'm guessing you know him?" Niall try's to joke but i can tell its awkward.

"Yeah thats Sam... my boyfriend." I say. This can't be more uncomfortable.

"Oh." He mutters.

We don't talk the rest of practice. Thankfully their was not much left.

"Coming home with me?" Sam asks putting his hand around my shoulder as the team heads to the bleachers.

I look at Greg with puppy dog eyes pouting my lip.

"Go head, its Friday. I am taking Denise out to eat." He says with a proud smile.

"Awwww." I say at the same time James and Niall say "Ewwww."

"She is here, i will tell the parents whats going on. James will take you guys home." James says getting his stuff. "Great practice guys! Remember, practice everyday after school next week. State next weekend, lets do this! Get some rest, bye." Greg says louder to the whole team before leaving.

"Your sweaty." I say moving away from Sam's grip.

"So are you." He teases, shoving me lightly.

I give him a shocked fake gasp.

"If you guys are done, what am i suppose to do tonight?" James wines.

"Hang with Niall." I shrug.

"You guys can hang with us, we were just going to go to a movie." Sam butts in. Everyone els is in the locker room changing, us four our the only ones on the field.

"It was just suppose to be us." I whisper to him pouting. I know i am being annoying, but i really dont want my brother and Niall to come on my date.

"Awesome! We just need to shower. Do you just want to come change at our house?" James says to Sam.

I really dont understand why my brother and boyfriend have to be best friends. He is two years younger! But he acts old for his age, like me. Thats probably why me, my brother,Greg, and Denise hang out all the time.

"Okay!" Sam unfortunately agrees.

Soon, my brother, boyfriend, and ex best friend, our heading to the car to spend the night together... this will definitely be an interesting night.

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