You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


33. Chapter 33


I stomped up to Greg's room and waited a couple minutes to make sure he wasn't coming in before calling Macy. I knew it wouldn't be smart to let my mind wander alone again. Last time i jumped to the worst conclusion, but this time i'm pretty sure my worst thoughts are true.

"Hey hey hey!" She answers the phone, happy as always.


"What's wrong?" Even with the short amount of time we have been friends, she still knows me so well.

"I don't want to talk about it yet. Tell me how school is going first?" I plead.

She thankfully aggress and for the next twenty minutes, i listen to her gab on about this guy she really likes and his supposedly terrible girlfriend.

"Okay can you just tell me now?" She begs. I can tell she really wants to know and she has helped me with my problems in the past so i finally decide to speak the bitter words.

"Barbara is here."

"As in the Barbara? Is there? In your house?" She is almost as shocked as i was.

I confirm her thoughts with a quiet "yeah" before she speaks again.

"Think i'm becoming more of a Harry girl now." She jokes and it surprisingly brings a smile to my face. "But seriously, i know he's Niall Horan but i feel like you don't deserve this. I'm not telling you to hate him, just talk to him and try to workout your problems. I know you will be together in the end, just needs time."

She then said she had to go and i was left alone with my worst enemy, my own mind.

She was right, partly but she doesn't know everything about our relationship. She doesn't know the real thoughts we have towards each other. Heck i barely know them. He tells me one thing and does another and i honestly don't know what to do or believe anymore.

"Brooke." I see Niall's back as he slowly closes the door and whispers my name.

His messy hair looks so cute. Wait. I'm suppose to be mad. Focus.

"Why are you being so quiet?" I ask.

"They don't know i'm here."

"What, did they just want to leave me be alone? Yeah that's going to help." I roll my eyes.

"I know. That's why i'm here."

"Your not going to help me. I don't even want to look at you." I say and dramatically put my hands over my face.

"Brooke." He peels them off and sits across from me on the bed. "Just let me speak."

"I'm done with giving you chances."

"I didn't have a choice."

"I didn't have a choice." I mutter, mocking him.

"I didn't! If you want this to end between me and her now, i have to do this. If we don't sell it now will have to go into a big committed relationship."

"I don't want anything. It's not my choice, it's yours. It's what you want." I'm giving him so much attitude.

"I want this to end with her. I want you. But it's not that easy." He shakes his head.

"Well i don't feel like sitting around, waiting for you." I lie. I would wait for him forever.


"And i don't want you to. How about we take a brake, from whatever we were until all this blows over." The words taste like acid coming from my mouth.

I had to do everything in my power not to just grab her and runaway. From everyones hating and judging, telling us what to do, and crazy paps. Just me, her, forever. That would be so perfect. Too perfect to be real.

"Can you clarify?" She chokes out. It sounds like she's about to cry.

"I mean were still friends. Fuck course were still going to be friends. I just mean i don't want to make you hold on. Damit i don't know how to word it." I run my fingers through my hair.

I really mean i want her to wait for me to be done with this fake relationship for us to continue with ours. Well i don't want her to but it's not fair to make her watch me with someone else. Fuck management.

"If i just do this for a little longer, two months tops, it will be over i promise."

"So were just going to stay friends. Then when you come back were going to get together again? And you will go on tour."

"Brooke, you need to understand i tried to do everything i could. It's complicated." 

Her body is towards me but her eyes look right through me. It sends chills through my body and i try not to do something irrational.

"Will your promise not to hide things from me anymore? It would have been nice to know she was coming so i wouldn't have made a big fool of myself." She finds the blanket really interesting and wont make eye contact with me.

"Hey." I said grabbing her chin with my fingers. "You didn't make a fool of yourself." I looked into her beautiful, deep pained eyes.

She nods and stands up.

"Where are you going?"

"For a run. Want to come?"

"Ugggh..." I have no idea what i'm going to do with Barbara.

"Nevermind." She catches on and try's to go out of the room before i pull her wrist.

She turns and her eyes are full of hope.

"Since you said not to hide anything. Ummm- they kinda ahhh... saidihavetokissher." I said the last part too fast for her to understand.

"What?" She gives me a blank look.

"They said i have to kiss her." I didn't make eye contact with her, even with the daggers i knew she was sending me and rubbed my temples, tired of all this drama. I don't know how girls deal with it. I just want to be a with Brooke.

I finally get the courage to look at her and i regret it instantly. She looks sad, torn, lonely, and most of all insecure which scared me way more then i lead on.

I walk down stairs with Brooke. I guess shes going in her leggings and shirt since she starts putting on her shoes.

Barbara ran to me when i walked down and pulled me on the couch.

"Where you going?" She asked Brooke.

"Running." She didn't look up at her.

"I love running!" Barbara squealed, making me flinch.

"Would you... like to come?" Brooke said with the most fake smile i have seen, i know it was killing her.

"No, that's okay. I'm going to spend time with Niall." She snuggled up to me and rubbed her palm on my chest.

I must have pulled a weird face because i heard Brooke chuckle behind me. I have no idea why Barbara is acting like this. She never does unless were in public. Somethings up.

I look behind me and see Brooke giving the most deadly stare at Barbara before she shook her head and left without another word.

I have a feeling their not going to be besties...



i finally update after a million years! I have just been busy and wanted to take me time so it wouldn't be too crappy even though i'm pretty sure it is! next chapter will be up soon as i can!


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