You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


31. Chapter 31

No. I don't want to see him. I know exactly who it is just by his voice. But i can't get myself to move. I'm frozen to the seat. I just know one thing, this will be awkward as fuck.

Denise and the moms just look nervous. James and the dads look annoyed. Greg still has that crazed look in his eyes as he starts to stand up.

"Greg. Please." Maura tells him.

He just shakes his head and starts moving again. This time Denise pulls him down and they whisper loudly to each other.

I suck in a breath as i here him enter the room and try to hold back the tears.

"Whats going on?" He asks.

Before anyone can respond, i stand up and walk out without even looking at him. I'm not that mad like i wont talk to him for the rest of my life, i just need some time to take it all in. I still want to here their conversation so i sit at the top of the stairs so no one will see me.

"Whats wrong with her?"

"Why don't you tell us." i can here Greg ask while he grinds his teeth.

"Huh?" Niall asks again.

"She just found out, the same time we did that you guys broke up." Maura says, annoyance clear in her voice.

"No? Were still together." Niall speaks slowly, obviously confused.

"That's not what the TV said." I can here Bob shaking his head.

"Wait." Niall says and everyone stays silent for a while. "Are you guys talking about the clips with Barbara?" People must have nodded since he continued. "And you all saw it too?" There was another pause before he talked again. "I promise it's not what it looks like, i will explain later. I need to talk to Brooke."

I here him whisper "fuck" as he climes up the steps. This would be the part where i would run into another room and act like i wasn't listening. Just one problem, i couldn't move.

I heard him taking the steps two at a time quickly, but i didn't see him. You know when you go into your own world, like during class and your not paying attention to anything? That's me right now. I see his blurry figure approach me and that is when i realize i'm crying.

I feel him pick me up. At first i didn't move, then i finally got back to reality and started squirming around. I started hitting his chest and trying to get off but he didn't even seem the least bit effect by it.

I here a door open and close, i'm soon dropped on a bed that i know is Greg and Denise's old one. I slept in here whenever i got lonely once everyone left, which happened a lot.

Niall is standing in front of me as i sit on the bed. I am facing him, but looking right through him as if he's not even there and i know he can tell i'm doing this.


"How is she?" I cut him off.

I finally really look at him for the first time in three months. Man does he look good. But i mean of course he does, that's what happens when you leave your messed up girlfriend at home.

"No it's not like that-"

"Oh don't try to give some shit load of a fairytale that's suppose to make me forgive you and fall for you all over again. This is reality and in reality, you don't get everything you want. Fuck, you barely get anything you want. But that's life and sometimes you just need to pick ur balls up off the floor and move on." I probably cursed more then i ever have in my entire life but it's completely necessary right now.

"Fuck, i'm sorry. More sorry then i have ever been in my entire life. I'm not saying you have to forgive me but i'm just asking for a chance to explain myself. I know our story is far from fairytales as they can get but i wouldn't want it any other way or with anybody else. Could i please just have a chance to actually tell you whats going on before you jump to conclusions. Which i'm almost positive you already have."

"I haven't jumped to any conclusions, i know exactly whats going on."

He shakes his head before talking. "Then enlighten me, what is going on."

"You found another, more beautiful, perfect, better, model bitch and got with her and are trying to keep it a secret for whatever reason."

"That is probably the most load of bullshit you have ever said in your life." He jumps on the bed and sits across from me.

"Fine then enlighten me, what is going on?" I mock him.

"Your giving me a chance?"

"To explain yourself. I got offended when you said i jump to conclusions. So let's here about this perfect princess."

"First thing. You will always be my one and only princess." He says while trying to move a pice of hair out of my face but i slapped it away. He just shakes his head before beginning this story about the beautiful girl who supposedly doesn't mean anything to him.


"Okay, since i haven't dated anyone since the X Factor and i haven't been seen with many girls, they wanted me to date someone sorta. Just kinda like friendly but to stir up drama and for everyone to think were are cute together. I tried telling them about you but since your not really famous and are in school, they barely even thought about it. Then they told me about Barbara and they would randomly make her show up and we would have to go out and stuff."

"Why couldn't you just say no?" She asks like it's that easy.

"It's my job Brooke. Their my bosses, i have to do whatever they say. You know Eleanor? Her and Louis are fake. It's like when you go to a shoot, you don't get a say in what you wear."

I could tell by her face she was going to say how she gets to pick from a section of clothes or something sassy like that. Thankfully she just nods in understanding. "Why didn't you just tell me?" She sounds hurt.

"I just didn't think it was a good decision, especially over the phone. I was just going to try to hide it from you. I know it wasn't right but you never seemed to care about one direction news before."

"Oh so now this is my fault?"

"No i'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

"So let me get this straight. You were just going to do this with her and not tell me at all and pray i wouldn't find out?"

I nod while lowering my head.

"Wait. Then why did you never text or call me?" She asks the one question i didn't want to answer.

"I was-"

"The truth." She warns, knowing i was about to lie.

"Okay so after the first couple times i went out with her, i realized it isn't fair to you. And as much as i love you, i couldn't make you go through that so i tried to get you to brake up with me."


"What?" I ask.

"You said love."

"Oh, shit sorry. Meant like." I lie.

I love her, i really do. I know were young but i have known her all my life. We balance each other out and i am not living my life without her. I'm either with her or by myself. By how much i have been fucken up lately, it looks like it will most likely be the second one. I could never admit this out loud though.

"So you wanted to brake up with me?" She asks.

"No. Well kinda. For your own good, i didn't want to drag you into all this shit. I just told you now so you know i'm not a cheater. I understand you don't want to be with me, just as long as you don't think i'm a complete dick."

"I do."

"What?" I almost scream.

"I do. I want to be with you."

"W-w-why?" I stutter, thinking she was going to say something else.

"Because i believe that they forced you to do this. Even though i don't agree about how you handled it by not telling me and ignoring me. I know you were trying to do it for my own good and i want to thank you for that."

"Your welcome...?" I am still slightly confused and shocked.

"Well i'm tired, i will see you in the morning." She said after kissing my cheek. I know our relationship needs to be built up again but i'm willing to do all it takes.

"You can sleep in my bed." I wink.

"We would both be dead." She laughs and scurries out of the room as i smack her bum.

I still have not figured that girl out yet, but i will. One day.


After i went downstairs and explained everything to everyone, who thankfully understood, i got ready for the night and hopped into bed.

I was about to fall asleep when my phone started ringing. I groaned before answering it, not bothering to look at who it was.

"Niall! Heard Greg is getting married." As soon as i heard the voice i knew who it was. And i wish i would have just let it ring...



Sup peeps. ✌️

If you found Liam's tweet it there i love you forever! I thought it would be cool to slip it in, i'm just too funny!

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Btw i love Eleanor nothing against her shes so cute!

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