You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


29. Chapter 29


I spent the whole day with Niall. We didn't have to sneak around or make excuses lucky since our parents were back at work and Greg and James are at some soccer banquet all day.

Let me just say, it was less awkward then ever and i love that. I dont even know why it was kinda awkward before because i didn't even know i had feelings for him tell he brought it up. I don't really talk or think about my feelings, mostly because i don't think anyone will care.

"What's on your mind?" Niall always knows when something up.

"Nothing." I shrug him off without thinking.

"Brooke." He pulls my legs up on his lap as i lay down and he sits up. Were on one of the couches at my house in the theater room, some old movie thats suppose to be funny is playing on the huge projector.

"I said nothing!" i say, getting a little louder.

"Your stubbornness is unbelievable." he shakes his head.

"I'm not stubborn!" as i say that i realize how stubborn it sounds.

"Just tell me what your thinking about."

"I'm just confused why i feel different around you. You make me feel special, your one of the only people i really trust and like, that way." I get annoyed because of his nagging, but blush at the end.

"What about Sam?"

I turn my head and roll my eyes.

"Dont roll your eyes at me!" He pokes my side.

"I did not." I cross my arms and he gives me a look. "Okay i'm sorry, but you ask that all the time! I told you, he is my friend, but he doesn't know me." I say, putting more emphasis on the word know.

"Okay. Before you were making it sound like it was a bad thing that you trust me and like me, that way." He wiggles his eyebrows at the end, making fun of what i said earlier.

"Well i have only known you for a month."

"And 13 years." He crinkles his eyebrows together, obviously confused.

"No, i didn't know you then. You've changed."

"Hey you liked me!" He grins.

"When i was twelve, and weighed liked 150 pounds! Niall, your completely different now!" For some reason he got angry at this.

"Want to know a secrete!?" He yells.

"I have a feeling your going to tell me anyway." I mumble.

"I am insecure too! Now more then when i was as a kid! You know how you feel bad about how you looked? I feel bad about how i acted! To my teachers, friends, family, and mostly, you. And you know what? You have changed a hell of a lot too!" He screams, way too loud for my liking.

"How the fuck have i changed!?" I say raising my voice slightly. I try to cuss only when it's necessary and right now, it's very necessary.

"You sure as hell aren't the same happy go lucky little girl who didn't give a fuck about what anyone thought that i grew up with." He shakes his head.

"Thats what happened, i grew up. So did you."

"It's just hard to think of you as the same person." He shakes his head, almost whispering.

"Then don't, i don't think of you as the same person, i can't. You were my first crush, then broke my heart."

"But i know you still are!" He sounds like he is trying to explain something to a little kid. "You are still that little girl, around me and our family's! You still may have your insecurities, but they go away when your with us." He is basically telling me my feelings and how i act, and honestly i'm thankful because i couldn't even figure them out.

I just nod my head, telling him i understand and that i just need time to think about it.

"Why are you more insecure now? You have millions of girls that are obsessed and would do anything for you." I say changing the subject.

"Because when i was on the X Factor, i realized i wasn't all that. I dont know why, when, or how, but i did, and know i still sometimes think like that. If you were a fan, or knew a thing about us, you would know Harry is the favorite out of everyone. We have never talked about it, we just kinda let it be, but i know, everyone does. Thats why it hurt me more then you thought when you were getting close with him, he gets everything." He says lowering his voice from before, but still too loud.

Thats when i just grabbed him and put my lips on his. I know the boy is suppose to make the first move, but i couldn't wait any longer and it just felt like such a perfect time.

A innocent kiss turned into a heated make out and somehow i ended up on his lap. I could barely keep my stomach and emotions together, it was like what they say in the movies and books, the butterfly's, fireworks, and roller coasters all mixed together. I finally pulled back to reagin my breath, our foreheads were touching and we both had the stupidest smiles on our faces.

"Sorry, i just have been wanting to do that for a while." I say as he chuckles.

"If you weren't going to, i was. Just wanted to make sure you wanted to first, guess i took too long." He blushes.

"A little." I joke.

"Does this mean, a... like were dating?"

"Well i was hopping it would be a little more sweet, but if this is your way of asking me sure." I say sliding off his lap and sitting next to him.

"Okay then umm-" he coughs and take my small hands in his huge ones before continuing. "Brooke Lillian White, would you do me the honer of becoming my girlfriend?" He says in a posh accent.

"I do." I say in the same way, going along with the joke.

"You may now kiss the boyfriend."

I give him a weird look, "close enough." I shrug and kiss him again.

His lips are magic, i swear. I want to ask him what he uses or something but i feel like he would be a little creeped out.

The rest of the day was so much fun, both of us could not keep the damn smiles of our faces. By dinner, everyone knew something was up. So Niall awkwardly told them were dating. Everyone was a little shocked at first and didn't know how to react, but soon they were almost as existed as we were.

James was a little sad, thinking i would steal his bestfriend from him. But after we explained to him that this has been going on for a little while and that i promise not to be with him all the time, he was okay.

He was still a little weirded out, but i couldn't blame him. Your bestfriend since birth and sister dating, thats some news you wouldn't be jumping up and down about. But he was luckily being a trooper.

"So can Brooke sleep in my room tonight?" Niall laughs.

"Yeah, thats not happening anymore." Bob says.

"Hey, i know what condoms are!" Niall smirks, making me get beat red.

"On that note, goodnight." My dad says.

With that, the parents went to bed in extreme awkwardness, thanks to Niall.

"You better not brake her heart, or i'll brake you." Greg says in a serious tone.

"Thanks brother." He rolls his eyes.

Only if he new what would happen... hell, only if i knew!



i'm sorry this is kinda short it's just a good place to end it, but you will understand why next chapter... (; 😉

i know this is getting boring, but don't worry.. lets just say shits about to go down, because i was even getting bored writing this!

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