You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


26. Chapter 26

I wake up slightly confused about everything. The memories from last night come crashing in my head, about Harry and everything.

I finally decide to get up. Not to my surprise, its silent. I look and its almost 10:00. All the guys drank a lot last night so i will let them sleep. Niall did not drink though so i go wake him up quietly since James is still sleeping and make him follow me to the kitchen.

"Why did you wake me?" He rubs his eyes. His morning voice is so sexy. "Nice retainer." He laughs and i flash him a toothy smile before slipping it out of my mouth.

"Because the other guys will be hungover. I didn't want to be alone. Coffee?" I ask and he nods.

I start the boiling water before i adjusting my glasses and fixing my ponytail.

"Hey, what did you eat yesterday?" Niall asks as i try to think back, not happy with the thought.

"Sandwich." I mumble.

"The sandwich i made you that you didn't even finish!?" Niall says loudly as i hang my head. 

He puts his face in his hands and i feel bad. "I'm sorry." I mumble.

"Whatever Brooke."

"I said i am sorry! No one said anything about it." I try to defend myself.

"Your 16! No one should have to tell you when to eat. Do you want me to make you a chart to tell you how much your suppose to?" I just roll my eyes at his sarcasm. "Well i dont know whats going to happen."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Greg texted and asked how you have been. Its not going to go over well. Who knows whats going to happen."

"Lie." I shrug.

"You see i would, but unlike you i care for your health."

There was a couple minuets of awkward silence before he brakes it again.

"You know your beautiful, right?"

"What?" I say a little to loud as i add the beans to the water.

"Your beautiful. You dont have to worry about your body, anything or anyone." He says. I know he's just saying that to get me to eat more so he wont get in trouble so i just nod.

"Brooke, i'm being serous."

"Were you going to tell me something last night?" I say tying to change the topic.

"No, nevermind." He mumbles.

"What are we going to do today?" I ask, trying to ignore his sudden change in moods.

He shrugs. "We can just hang. The guys aren't gonna want to do anything.

"But shouldn't we help them? Their going to be throwing up and stuff."

"I dont think you can help them without puking yourself." He is probably right. "And i sure as hell am not going to be cleaning that shit up."

I just laugh as i lead him into our movie theater room in my house.

"You know i used to have braces."

"No you didn't." I say thinking back to him as a child. I would remember if he did.

"Yeah, i just got them off last year. They were like white and clear though."

"Oh lucky!" I say thinking back to my mouth full of rainbow bands.

All day were saying random things like that. Bringing stuff up and talking about anything and everything. We were getting really close and i couldn't deny the blue in his eyes and the sound of his loud laugh wasn't getting to me.

It was already 7:00 and apparently all the guys have been in bed and just getting snacks all day.

I had my feet across his lap and was playing with his hair when someone walked in.

"I have been looking for you." A deep voice disrupted our peaceful silence.

"You should go back to bed." Niall says while trying to stand up.

"Niall." I warn him as i see the fire go off in his eyes. I push him back down so he can't start anything.

"Can i talk to you Brooke." Harry asks and i just turn a way.

"Brooke please." He begs and i feel Niall try to move again.

I huff. I realize i would rather go with Harry then have Niall start something with him. So i stand up.

"Brooke." Niall try's to get up again.

"Niall, please. I'm fine i promise. I will call for you if i need help."


"Niall i am fine! I am not a little kid anymore." I say walking away and Harry follows as i expected. We go into my parents room where he has been staying.

"What do you want?" I say a little to loud as he closes the door.

"I have missed you." He said getting close but i kept backing a way.

"Do you not remember?" I say making him stop.


"Last night. You... you were grinding with Kendall."

"Oh come on, i remember shit from last night." He said, trying to get close again.

"What are we?" I say, making him stop again.

"Whatever you want us to be." He says with a smirk, getting so close i had to fall back on the bed, him getting on top.

"Niall!" I yell.

I look into his eyes that suddenly become dark. He puts his lips on mine and it feels completely different. I dont move and try to pull a way when i feel his cold hands slide up my shirt.

"NIALL!" I scream.

Soon after the door burst open with Niall charging in. He sees whats going on and pulls Harry off. I see him raise his fist and i know what he's about to do.

"NIALL NO!" He turns around and quickly pulls me out of the room, muttering things to himself.

"I am sorry." I say for not letting him come in earlier.

After a minuet of him breathing heavy he finally speaks. "I am going to tell you what i was going to last night. But you have to promise if you dont agree, we wont be different..."

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