You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


25. Chapter 25

No! He can't do that! Yes. He can. We were never official. But it was more then just friendship! Maybe it wasn't to him. I thought he liked me more then that! But maybe he is just a player.

This inner battle with myself is getting tiring and i dont know what to do. I have a couple options.

1. I could act like nothing happened

2. I could ask him about it later

3. I could avoid him forever

4. Or i could go over there, ask whats going on and slap her

Even though the most logical ones are 1 and 2, i am really tempted to do 4 but i feel like that wont end well. I'll just do 3.

I am not in the mood to do anything but punch a bitch right now, and i see a lot of them.

"He Liam." I tap him, thinking he will be sober enough to call me a driver or a taxi, and maybe even come home with me. Boy was i wrong.

"Brooooke!" He says spinning around, nearly spilling his drink.

"Nevermind." I say quickly walking away.

I can't find Zayn or Louis, but i am guessing their just as drunk. I see a head full of blonde hair, talking to a girl. He is also probably hammered, but its worth a shot.

"Hey Niall. Can i talk to you?" I say just as i reach him.

"Hello Brooke. This is Missy." He says pointing to a short girl. I was confused since he did not sound or look drunk. Then i notice he is drinking pepsi.

"Why aren't you drinking?" I say avoiding the cute girl.

He just shrugs while looking back and forth between us.

"Well i was wondering if you could call me a taxi or something."

"Why can't you just get Harry too?" He scoffs. I am really wondering why he keeps getting mad at him.

"He's ummmm-" I say looking at the girl who obviously feels awkward. "Maybe later. If you want you can come home with me too." I say not even sure if i want to tell him what happened, so the satisfaction of knowing he's right doesn't go straight to his overgrown ego.

"Well me and Missy..." He trails off looking down at nothing. She must have scurried off during our conversation. "Missy." He gives a pouty lip.

"Oh shut it." I roll my eyes.


"She barely had any clothes on!" I say lying a bit, she was pretty.

"Someone jealous?" He smirks.

"Yes! Omg love me me Niall Horan!" I say in annoying girly voice.

He mutters something like "i do."


"Nothing. So do you want to head home?"

"If thats okay with you. But you should stay if you want."

"Nah i can leave whenever since the other boys will be here for a while."

"What?" I say confused at his statement.

"We got paid to come here, all the celebrities did."

"So famous people get paid to go to bars?"



"To get it popular. It usually happens a lot when its first night in business."

"I want to be famous!" I whine as we head outside. Apparently Niall texted his driver.

"Its not all its cracked up to be." He shakes his head.

"Why?" I ask as a burst of cold air and bright lights flash on us.

"This." He says hanging his head and pointing to the flashing lights and yelling paparazzi.

"Yeah. Thats got to suck, but i bet it evens out." I say as we turn the corner around the building. Were probably just going to walk around until the driver gets here since the paps aren't following.

"It does. Nothing can replace performing a concert. And even meeting the fans and sometimes even interviews are fun. But i hate not having any freedom, especially on brake because i'm with my family and i dont get reminded why i love my job when we don't do anything."

"Oh." I say a little awkwardly not knowing this about him.

"Anway..." He says trying to change the topic.

He points to a car and we make our way through all the flashing lights and the shoving and screaming people.

"I'm sorry." He says once were in the car.

"Its not your fault, i'm fine." I smile, i dont want him to think i'm mad. "So how are the guys getting home?" I ask after a couple minuets of awkward silence.

"One of our body guards will take them home." He says. Then followed by the one question i didn't want him to ask. "What happened with Harry?"

"Why didn't you drink?" I ask, trying to avoid the question.

"Why didn't 'you' drink?" He fires back at me.

"I'm underage." I answer honestly.

"Oh bullshit! You could have easily gotten one. I was drinking at your age!"

"I can't." I mutter.


"I can't!" I say louder.

"Why?" Niall asked, now concerned.

"My body. The doctors said i will barely be able to hold one down when i'm legal!"

"Oh, i'm sorry. Back to the Harry thing..."

"You just don't give me a brake, do you?"

"We both know you were avoiding that question. Now please tell me what happened."

"Nothing. It's not that big."

"Obviously it is if were heading home."

"You could have stayed!"

"Now that wouldn't have been nice." We laugh a little before he starts again. "Please, just tell me."

"But i dont know want you to say your right and rub it in my face. I dont even know the whole story."

"Well i already know i'm alway right." He jokes while rolling his eyes. "But truthfully, that hurt. I showed you i have changed." He said as we thanked the driver and went into my house. We sat on the coach and carried on our conversation.

"Okay i'm sorry. If you really want to know, i was just looking for Harry all night, then i find him dancing, very closely i may add, with Kendall."

"Jenner?" He asks as his face becomes still.

"Yes i know shes beautiful!" I roll my eyes.

"No, i was just thinking of how much better you are then her. And you need to stop rolling your eyes."

"Ha. Ha. And i dont do it that much."

"I'm serious. And yeah you do."

"Okay were ending both discussions because i know i am right." I give a big smile and he just laughs.

"What are you going to do about Harry?" He asked while looking down and picking his nails.

"I haven't really decided a reasonable solution yet, might just avoid him."

"Real mature." He jokes. "Hey Brooke, there is something i really want to tell you." He says still looking down.

I yawn. "Sounds important. Can it wait for tomorrow? I'm really tired."

He nods before i say goodnight and try to fall asleep with all the things running in my mind.

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