You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


15. Chapter 15

"What is it?"

"We desisted to get married in October!"

"Why so early?" Maura asks after the cheering died down.

"Shes pregnant." Greg says for her.

Everyone goes silent at first, but the cheering increased again.

"Its only three mounts though." Denise says trying to not get are hopes up.

"Why are you just telling us?" I asked.

"I did not want to get everyone hopes up like last time." She dips her head down.

A couple months ago Denise was two months pregnant before she unfortunately had a miscarriage.

"Oh its fine honey." Maura gets up and starts rubbing her arm.

"Well lets celebrate! How about we celebrate out to eat so we can get to talking?" Bob asks.

Everyone agrees as we start standing up.

"Excepted you three." Bob points at me Niall and James. "Were going to be talking about grown up stuff, and no offense son, but we dont want a repeat of today." We all slouch back in our seats before James stands up.

"Well then i'm going to Emma's" i scoff that he has to take a liking to the only decent girl at the school. Shes a year older then me and one younger then James, but everyone seems to like her. Shes on my cheer team and has the same lunch as me so we have gotten pretty close.

"Be back by 11." My mom says. James leaves in the blink of an eye and the rest leave soon after.

"I guess it's just you and me." Niall says, almost making me scream because i forgot he was still here.

"Oh. I can... Ummmm i can." I try to think of an excuses to leave.

"No its fine, lets catch up." He cuts me off.

I dont say anything while i just stare at him.

"Why do you hate me?" He says, braking the silence.

"I dont hate you." I saw like i knew he was going to say that. "We just have had a ruff past. Well four years."

"And i am sorry for that. You know i have changed. So have you."

"What is that suppose to mean?" I say, taking it offensively.

"Well lets face it, your not the same Brooke i left here three years ago."

"What is that suppose to mean? And dont say it like that, the whole year before you left and in middle school you ignored me."

"It means your different. And i know were over it! I know it was a big deal but i have said sorry countless amount of times and i have shown you i have changed."

"Yeah i am skinner."

"Thats not what i mean. I would not care if you weighed 500 pounds or 50, as long as your healthy. But none of those would be healthy so nevermind."

"Then what do you mean?"

"The Brooke back then would not care about what she wore, what she looked like, what she ate, or what others thought of her."

"I grew up." I say looking at the ground. I know i have changed, but i like this me better and i'm never going back.

"I see that."

"Can we just stop talking about this."

He just nods.

"So tell me about the three years i missed."

The next two hours were spent Niall talking about his life. Starting with X factor and ending with his last concerts.

"That sounds like fun!" I say amazed at all his successes.

"Its the best job in the world."

"Your bandmates sound pretty cool too." I say thinking back to all the funny story's he told me about them.

"Yeah, it was going to be a surprise, but their coming in tomorrow!"

"Haven't you guys only been on brake for like 2 weeks?" I laugh.

"Yeah but they have seen their family's much more since they live closer. Plus they have never been here so they wanted to visit."

"How long are they staying?"

"Two weeks."

"And where are they staying." I say a little annoyed since some of them are probably staying at my house.

"James is really good friends with them so his house." He says trying not to get me annoyed.

"Wait the parents are leaving for their beginning of summer trip in the morning. And Greg and Denise are leaving for her parents house tonight. So when you said 'surprise' you meant you didn't want them finding out about it."

"And they wont. Right?"

"I dont know. What do i get out of this?" I cross my arms over my chest.

"Two weeks with the six most awesome guys in the world!"

I raise an eyebrow at him.

"And €50."

"My lips are sealed." I say pulling an imaginary zipper on them.

We both started laughing like crazy, tickling each other before the sound of the door stopes us.

"Interrupting something?" Maura says as everyone sinkers. Niall getting off of me as we were both bright red.

"Want to come help us pack? Were leaving in a hour." Denise says.

I nod as me Greg and Denise head upstairs.

"I dont want you guys to go." I say over dramatically flying on top of their suitcases. "Just kidding i get the house to myself." I say hoping on the bed as they start packing.

"And Niall." Denise winks.

"And James." Greg warns.

And five other boys. I thought to myself.

"I cant believe you guys are getting married. AND YOUR PREGNANT!"

"Speaking of that, i was wondering if you wanted to be my maid of honer."

I flip around to look at Denise. "I am flattered, but i think you should ask your sister or Fay and Sky." I say talking about her best friends that happen to be twins.

"But i am closer to you know then i am with any of them."

"I know but she is your sister."

"Yeah but she is so annoying." I laugh at Denise words towards her sister. They have grown a part over the years and now they cant stand each other.

"If they cant fly down, then i will do it. But i dont think you want to put a 16 year old in that position. But i would be more then happy to be one of your bridesmaids."

She just smile and nods.

"What about you?" I look at Greg.

"Well all the parents agreed that Niall had to be my best man. Even though i dont see him much lately. James, Josh, and Kevin will be my grooms men." He said talking about his best friend from high school and his friend who was on his college soccer team and lived in a house with.

"Have you even told Niall?" I ask.

"NIALL GET UP HERE." Greg yelled before footsteps are heard.


"Your my best man."

"Cool." He said, fist bumping Greg.

Denise and i laugh at the different reactions from girls and guys.

I soon felt a body jump on top of me.


"Niall get off of me!" I try to say but it probably came out muffled.

"What? I cant here you!" Niall says laughing as he pushes his back further on my face.

I quickly put my arms around his stomach and flipped him so i was on top.

"How about now?" We all start laughing at Niall's face.

"How did you learn to do that?"

"I took self defense for a semester this year." I smile creepily at him before i finally fell next to him.

"Well we got to get going. Will miss you." Denise says giving us both hugs.

"See you in two weeks, be good." Greg says giving Niall a handshake and hugging me.

"Brooke, I need to go." He says as i dont let him go.

"This is the longest time will be a way since i left for the American photo shoot like three mouths ago." I saw grabbing Denise too.

"Yeah, Niall you need to watch what she eats. You have seen what i like for her to eat, its about half what you eat." He jokes as i just glare at him.

"I dont need someone to watch me."

"Yes you do."

I just make a grunting noise and fall back on the bed as they say there last goodbyes.

Me and Niall spent the next hour talking about nothing before James barges in.

"Mom wants us home tonight so we can say goodbye to them in the morning." James says as me and Niall stand up.

"Not you dipshit!" He said pushing Niall back on the bed as we just laugh and head home.


In the morning, we all woke up at 10 and gathered at our house to say goodbye to the parents.

As James shut the door Niall says the words on all our minds.

"Let the party start."

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