You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


14. Chapter 14

When i get home i run into my room and wash off my makeup that got ruined from crying and reapply.

I put on a floral crop top and dark jean shorts. I lace up my white all star high tops and plop down on my bed.

About a half an hour later someone yells through my door.

"Were leaving."

I was about to object, not sure if i even wanted to go anymore. But it was cause a scene if i didn't go and more importantly it would show that i really upset.

When i head downstairs everyone is waiting for me.

"Sam not coming?" My dad asks.

"No." I respond, not wanting to explain what happened.

"Why not!?" James wines. But you dont always get what you want.

I take a big breath before continuing. "He is moving back to America with his mom." I sigh.

"Oh honey." Maura says trying to give me a hug.

"I'm fine." I say not moving.

"You can try to work long distance." My mom suggests.

"No, we agreed to just stay in contact and visit a lot. Modeling will help too. I'm not mad about losing him as a boyfriend, we were always better friends. But now i lost my only friend."

"Oh you have plenty of friends." Bob says trying to cheer me up.

"No, i dont." I say in a straight face.

"Lets talk about this later, we should head out now." My mom says braking our discussion. "Parents in our car. Kids in Denise's" my mom orders.

"Cause you dont have a car!" James snickers to Greg.

It was true, everyone in both family's agreed to live off of my parents car, Bob and Maura's, James and Denise's since shes practically family, and four cars for seven people seemed reasonable.

As everyone was about to leave i see Denise whisper something to Greg and soon after he looked down at me. I see his vision is on my wrist and i look down too, mentally slapping my self for not wearing a longer shirt to cover my still visible bruises on my wrist from just last night.

"Will meet you there." Greg says to the parents.

"Dont move." He whispers harshly to all of us.

It was silent until we heard their car drive off, thats when all hell broke loose.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?" Greg screams so loud, grabbing my wrists.

Denise is just looking at the floor, obviously not wanting to get in the middle and feeling bad for bringing it up. James is looking at me in confusion as Niall face is in his hands.

"I dont know." I say with no emotion, i have cried enough today.

"Brooke." He warns.

"I HONESTLY DONT KNOW!" Apparently its my turn to yell.

"Wait, you dont?" Niall asks me.

Everyone looks at him before he looks a way quickly.

"I new you guys new or did something!" Greg points his finger at Niall and James.

"I was drunk in the first half an hour of being there, i have no idea whats going on!"

"Okay go in the car, both of you." He says looking at Denise.

"But-" They both say at the same time.

"Please." He looks into her eyes.

She huffs before grabbing James wrists and dragging him out before he confirms that i'm okay.

"Okay what the fuck is going on?" Greg says looking at me and Niall, a little more calm.

"What do you remember?" Niall asks me.

"Ummm." I take a minuet to think. "Some guy making out with me and toughing me. Oh and you punching him." I smirk at the last part.

Greg lifts up my shirt a little more on the side to see the guys fingerprint on my hips. He sighs before beginning. "Well their is nothing we can do now. Just promise if you ever get hurt again or you wanna talk, were all here." I nod before we all get into the car.

It only sits five people so I'm stuck next to Niall since James took the other window seat and i'm defiantly not sitting in between them.

"Who did it?" James try's to whisper but i here them.

"Josh or something. Dont worry i punched him." Niall smiles trying to sound cool. "You know him?"

"Yeah he used to be cool, before he became a drunk at 15. Honestly he needs help i feel bad for the kid, unless she is seriously hurt. Then he's dead."

I smirk at my brothers threat. We may fight a lot, but i know he is always their for me.


The rest of the day was pretty fun. But my mind kept having little flashbacks of last night now that i know who did it. I also kept thinking of Sam when i saw couples.

It also did not help that a bunch of fans kept recognizing Niall and asking for pictures. He's more famous then i thought. Some of them even new James and he took a couple pictures too.

After dinner we were all sitting around watching tv before Greg and Denise said they had an announcement...

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