You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


12. Chapter 12

The smell of cigarets and beer is the first thing we all noticed when we walked into this huge house. It was probably as big as mine and Niall's combined, which is saying a lot.

I look over at the guys and James is the only one who looks like he does not want to leave.

"We could still go home." Niall suggested.

"No way! This is my last high school party! Just stay and have fun please? You dont have to drink!" James begs.

"Come on!" Sam said grabbing my arm, dragging me to the dance floor.

I dont like dancing so i just sat off on the side. But after 15 minuets, my jealousy took over and i got sick of watching girls grind on my boyfriend, and i made my way to the kitchen.

Their was not many people in there, most of them were coming and leaving to get drinks. There was this one senior, Josh i have swooned over forever, and he was making his way to me.

"Hey, your James's little sister, aren't you?" He asks.

The next 20 minuets were spent talking to Josh. Nothing personal, just small talk. It was silent after we just got done laughing.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom." I say standing up.

"This is my friends house, i will show you where it is." He said standing up too. I was pretty tall for my age, but he made feel tiny since i was to his chest.

He put his hand on the small of my back and lead me through the dance room and up the stairs. I was going to try to move his hand, but i did not want to seem weird.

Once we got up the stairs his body turned, towering over me, making me turn agains the wall. He soon put his lips to mine and griped my hips hard with his hands.

I was trying to push him off of me but he grabbed my hands and pinned them up against the wall as he pushed his crotch against mine.

Out of the corner of my eye, i saw Sam coming up the steps. I was trying to move some part of my body to get his attention. He looks over and is first shocked, then he just shakes his head and mumbles something and goes back down stairs.

Did that just happen? My boyfriend just did that. Even if he thought i was kissing back he just left? Unbelievable.

I felt my shirt getting pulled up just under my bra and his cold hands feeling my stomach and squeezing my sides again. His mouth still on mine as i stand there, lifeless.

I heard someone els coming up the stairs, not bothering to look as i struggled to get out of his grip.

I heard a hard smack and next thing i knew, Josh was on the ground . Their was a lot of yelling and soon Josh left. I was just staring in space and i soon sat on the ground, trying to realize what just happened.


I have been at this stupid party for an hour. I would probably be drunk by now, but i feel older then everyone here. Being on tour has has made me grow up and be smarter when to party and such. Brooke did not seem to thrilled about this either, so i have just been sitting here, watching drunks dance which is pretty funny.

I see Sam coming down stairs, shaking his head and talking to himself. I saw him drinking earlier, so i decided to go help him.

"Hey whats wrong buddy?" I say, leading him to sit down on a coach. I dont think he is good with Brooke, who am i kidding their perfect. But i am still jealous.

"Brooke is a fucken slut." He said, slurring his words.


"I saw her making out with some dick."

I did not even respond, i went right upstairs. I new that Brooke would never do that. Even if she is, i need to stop her.

Sure enough, against the wall is Brooke with some huge guy on top of her. I dont know for sure if he is forcing it, but she looks like she is struggling.

With all my might i go up and punch him in the side of the cheek. He falls over on the floor right a way. If he was not so intoxicated he would not even flinch. I then yell at him to get the fuck out before he runs away. The drinks must have made me seem way more intimidating then i really am.

I look over at Brooke, who is now against the floor staring in space.

I pick her up and she folds her legs around my waist and lays her head on my shoulder. I am convinced she does not even know whats going on and i'm just glad i found her so soon. I am also glad she weighs nothing, since she is practically my hight.

I head downstairs and find Sam and James. I tell them to sleep here since they have had way to much to drink and i have already seen several people passed out around the house.

I take James keys and walk outside with Brooke still around me. I place her in the passenger seat and shut the door. I go around to my side and start the car. We only go a few feat before i speak.

"Can you please buckle up." I ask, noticing her seat belt is not on.

She did not answer or even look at me. She just stairs out the front window like shes not even their.

"Brooke." I say more sternly.

When she does not move again, i sigh and pull over, buckle her up and start driving again.

We finally get home, after a few wrong directions for google maps. I pull into my house and grab her again. I desisted she probably wants to be in her own bed, even though it seems like she sleeps in Greg's just as much.

I type in her garage code, thankful they have not changed it.

I bring her up to her room, quietly since her parents are probably sleeping and take her in the bathroom.

"Brooke, its time for bed. I think you should wash your face and stuff."

She finally nods and i sit on the counter as i watch her get ready.

She takes out a wipe and her makeup comes off then she puts some water on her face and drys it off.

She then brushes her teeth and takes out her contacts and slips on her glasses before putting her retainer in and brushing her hair and putting it in a bun.

Even though she was doing all if this, she still had that spacey look in her eyes. She looks at me and i nod and lead her to her bed after turning off the light.

"Do you want to change?" I ask.

She does not respond, but slips out of her skirt and puts on longer shorts, keeping on her v-neck.

I pull the blankets over her skinny body and kiss her forehead before putting her glasses on the night stand and turning off the light.

I walk across the street to my house and Greg and Denise our watching Tv in the family room.

"Where is everyone?" Greg asks.

"James and Sam are sleeping at the party. I just brought Brooke home she was... tired." I try to make up a lie quick. "She is at her house."

"Okay, get some sleep. Me and Denise will be up soon. Parents are in bed already."

I nod my head and head upstairs, getting into bed.

I cant get the image of that nasty guys hands on Brooke, out of my head. I just hope she is better tomorrow.

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