Forever night

Damon is a ordinary guy, who lives in a ordinary city with ordinary friends and a boring family. But then suddenly a strange man shows up. From that day on, everything changes.

(WARNING, There is blood and bad language in this story. AND spelling mistakes. 13+ please)


3. The woods

"All.. I miss you. It has been a year sence you passed away. I really need you"

I couldn't say another word. My life ended that day Alex died. I got bad grades in school and I was never together with my friends anymore. I kept thinking about who that man was, but one thing was clear. He was a blood sucking beast i wanted dead. I wanted to see him suffer. I took a wooden stake that my brother gave me long ago. It was first now I knew why. This family was born to be pure vampire hunters. I cried every night, I was tiny, left alone, forgotten. I couldn't take it anymore so I ran out the house. To the place my brother died. The memory of his death was so clear in my mind. I teared up as I could feel my heart beat faster, and faster. The rain came out of no were. I ran into the woods, everything was dark, had the feeling that I got followed. Every second I looked back and around me in fear for meeting the same fate, my brother did.

"Are you alone, kid?"

I turned around with the wooden stake in my hand but there was no one. I had chills all over me, this was a stupid idea.

"what were i thinking... i'm going home."

I took a step as a stick broke from under my feet then I heard it. It was my brothers voice, b-but it couldn't be him, he was dead! I turned my head so i looked over my shoulder. There, in the shadows was the man. I took my wooden stake, pointed it towards him. He smirked as he ran with such a speed to me. He grap me and turned me around, lifted me up wile he had his hand for my mouth so i wouldn't scream. My eyes widened as i started crying. His teeth was deep into my neck, i could feel him sucking my blood. The wooden stake was on the ground and i kicked with my feet to get lose. He won, i couldn't feel my body anymore. He dropped me on the cold ground, he disappeared just like he had done with my brother. It was cold and my body felt weak. I couldn't do anything else than just lay there.. waiting for my death. 

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