Forever night

Damon is a ordinary guy, who lives in a ordinary city with ordinary friends and a boring family. But then suddenly a strange man shows up. From that day on, everything changes.

(WARNING, There is blood and bad language in this story. AND spelling mistakes. 13+ please)


1. Suprise detention

It was a cold winter night, but there was no snow yet. Christmas was on it's way and I was looking for some shoes for my brother. Those black all stars everyone was wearing. Finally! There, in the deepest corner of the shop. I grab them and was paying for them, then I went home. I was about to wrap them in for Christmas

"Damon, hurry up we are late!"

It was my brother Alex. He was sixteen. One hour older than me. So he was the boss.. after HIS head of course.

"I am coming!! Chill, I think we can make it this time!. We aren't that late!"

"Are you kidding me!? we should have been there for two minutes ago!"

I widened eyes as I grab my bag and ran out of the door, just right behind my brother. We both got detention, but it was worth it. I got the last pair of all stars for my brother. I Couldn't wait for him to open it up. His smile, and his green eyes looking at the shoes in joy. It was all that i wished for. My brothers happiness.

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