Forever night

Damon is a ordinary guy, who lives in a ordinary city with ordinary friends and a boring family. But then suddenly a strange man shows up. From that day on, everything changes.

(WARNING, There is blood and bad language in this story. AND spelling mistakes. 13+ please)


7. Living dead..

I started to wash my face in the sink. My face bleeding, it wouldn't stop, nomatter how hard I tried. I saw some lights outside from a car. The owner of the house was returned. Why had he kept his house unlocked? He walked into the livingroom, I just watched him it didn't seem like he had seen me yet. I followed him, a weird felling came up in my boddy. I didn't like it.. it Was a kind of hunger. I had never felt anything like it! I kept on following him till he walked into the kitchen and started washing his own hands. I breathed heavely of the smell of him. So clean, so.. human. I liked it. One step closer to the man, one step closer to the mans death. A sudden power in my vains I couldn't resist anylonger. I grapped him from behind as the man gave a gasp. He turned around and said with a scared voice..

"who are you.. and.. h-how did you get in here!?"

I just smirked at him, about to laugh at his kitchen knife pointing towards me. What a stupidity.

"you.. should.. know better.. than... pointing a knife.. at me....."

It was a little hard to talk with a half face missing, and my lips ripped apard. I suddenly without thinking clear grap him by his shoulders and pulled him into me as I bit his neck. My fangs grew bigger into him and I could feel the pleasure, the warm blood.. almost like medicine to my body. I stopped as his kitchen knife has gone through my cheast, it wasn't that painfull. I just laughed as the man looked up at me with confused and innocent eyes. I hated it. I hated him.. i didn't know why.. I just felt such an anger towards people like him.. people really. was.. Humans. I grapped his weak arm sliding the knife dripping with blood out of me. Then at last i started to suck from his neck again. His eyes was now blank, nomore life was left in him, the blood felt colder now. I dropped him as i couldn't see anymore fun in him as I stroked my finger against my left side of my face.


My face was healed.. was it the blood who did this to me?

I didn't sleep that night. I couldn't.

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