More Than Friends

17 year old Hannah's best friend Is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Hannah and Louis have been best friends since the 1st grade and still are, but Hannah really wants it to be more than that. Does Louis want the same as Hannah? Will Louis want to give up their friendship? What about Eleanor? Find out by reading "More Than Friends".


6. More Than Friends

Hannah's POV.

The next day, I am at the kitchen table, eating an egg bagel for breakfast. As I eat my bagel, I worry about Lou. He seemed to overreact last night. He believed he wasn't a good boyfriend. That he wasn't good enough to Eleanor. But he was! It was Eleanor's fault. She was the one who cheated on Lou! And it broke Louis's heart! I continue to think and worry about Louis. So after I finish my egg bagel, I take a brief shower and change into some sweatpants and a T-shirt and a hoodie with boots. After that, I brush my hair in a pony-tail, and head out to my car. I was going to head to Lou and Harry's flat, to check in on Lou. I drive down the street. Lou didn't live too far... more like right around the corner. Soon, I pull up in his driveway, getting out of my car. I ring the doorbell. Harry opens it. "Hello Hannah, love" he says smiling. "Hey Hazza" I say smiling back. "Where's Lou?" I ask. "In his room" says Harry. "Still in mourning?" I ask a bit worriedly. Harry nods. "Apparently. Still hasn't come out for breakfast". "Thanks Harry for the info" I say heading inside. "Your welcome!" he calls as I head down the hall to Lou's bedroom. I knock on the door. No response. I knock a second time. Still no response. I slowly twist the knob. The door opens a crack. I peek inside, seeing Lou crying at the edge of his bed. I open the door and walk inside. "Lou?" I ask. He looks up. "Hey Hannah" he mutters. I sit next to him. "Lou, I came to check in on you. I was worried. I know your still heart broken over Eleanor, but it'll get better! And you were NOT a bad boyfriend! I swear!". He looks at me. I wipe a tear from his cheek. "If I were dating you, you would be the best boyfriend ever" I say softly looking in his eyes. A small smile appears on his face. "There's that smile I've been waiting for!" I say happily. He laughs. "Hannah, your really a great friend, you know that?" "I know" I tease smiling. He hugs me tight. I hug back. Then he slowly stops hugging me and is about to say something, but stops himself. "What?" I ask. He leans in. I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear, but and unexpected kiss comes to my lips. I close my eyes and enjoy the sweet taste of Lou's lips. He stops. "Hannah, I think you were right". "Right about what?" I say smiling. "We should have been more than friends. I want to be more than friends". I couldn't be more happier. I smile wider. This is what I have wanted to hear for all these years. "You deserve me" continues Lou. "Not Eleanor. You ... you seem like you would be the best girlfriend in the world". I think if I smile any more, my face would break. I kiss him so hard, I might bruise his lips. I didn't think he would care though. Yes. Me and Lou were finally.. more than friends.

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