More Than Friends

17 year old Hannah's best friend Is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Hannah and Louis have been best friends since the 1st grade and still are, but Hannah really wants it to be more than that. Does Louis want the same as Hannah? Will Louis want to give up their friendship? What about Eleanor? Find out by reading "More Than Friends".


1. Jealous

Hannah's POV.

I am getting ready to go to Louis's flat that he shares with Harry. But from what I heard, Harry is out on a first date with Taylor Swift, and I get Louis all to myself. I smile. Today is the day I want to tell Lou the truth. The truth is that I have a crush on him. I started having a crush on Lou in 8th grade. He got so cute and saw past him as "just a best friend". I saw him as my major crush. I look at myself in my full length mirror. I was wearing jeggings and a red T-shirt along with earrings and sneakers. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. I run to get it. As I open it, there stood Lou. "Hey Hannah banana" he teases smiling at me. That's what Lou called me as a nickname sometimes. 'Hannah banana'. He has been calling me that since 6th grade. I smile. "Hey Lou". "You ready?" he asked.  I nod. As we walk out my door he says "I hope you don't mind Eleanor tagging along. I told her about it ad invited her. That's okay right?".  Ugh I thought.
Of course I minded! Tonight was the night I would tell Lou I liked him more than a friend. And now his girlfriend was going to be there. Yay. Great. "Nope don't mind at all" I say forcing a smile. "Great" says Lou smiling back. "Your an awesome friend, Hannah banana!" I smile but my heart was hurting inside.

Lou's POV.

Soon, we reach Harry and my flat. "Come on ladies!" I say quickly getting out the car. Eleanor gets out the car. I fiddle with my key until I unlock the front door. As I open the door, I walk in. Everything was in place. Snacks were on the coffee table by the TV. A stack of movies were set aside to watch. And the game "SORRY" was on the floor in a corner. Eleanor then walks in right after Hannah. Hannah for some reason looks a bit down. "You okay Hannah?" I ask. She looks up. "Um, I actually better get home". She opens the front door running outside. "Hannah!" I shout but she keeps running.



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