Jack Frost, Jamie, And Pitch Black

Basically Jack Frost and Jamie have been captured by Pitch Black in an attempt of him gaining more believers and more power. There will be torture, sexual content and questionable language so be warned!!


1. A Fun Twist

    Okay so I just wanted to start off with saying that I know Jamie is a male character but, for this fanfic (which is my very first ever!!) I turned his character into a girl to make it more convenient and to make the story flow better and to make it a little more relatable to us!! Oh! And I'm new to this website so if there is anything you can tell me to help I would LOVE it!!<3 And with that I guess I will start!:


    Jack Frost froze as he sensed a snowball flying towards him. He turned around and quickly dodged it and whipped around to look at the one who threw it at him. "Are you challenging me to a snowball fight?" he asked the young girl.
    "Yes, Jack Frost. I challenge you to a snowball fight!" she said laughing. And with that she bolted behind a tree and started making snowballs as fast as she could. She only showed herself for seconds at a time, just long enough to throw a snaowball at her friend. Then she would hide again and continue making snowballs.
    "No fair, Jamie! Hiding is cheating!" Jack laughed as he used his powers to form a snowball in his hand and the second he saw her head peep from behind the tree he threw it. She screamed and ducked behind the tree a second before it could hit her.
    "Being a Guardian and being the Winter Spirit isn't fair! Plus you have powers!!" she yelled back.
    Jack thought abbout this for a moment. It was true. He was a Guardian and he did have powers..."Alright." he said, "Tell you what. You come out from behind that tree and I'll let you hit me. I won't hit you though. Promise."
    "Alright." Jamie said. But she had a feeling this was just another one of his games and he was going to hit her anyway. He always won this game but she didn't care. As long as she got to spend time with him she didn't care what they were doing. She stepped out from behind the tree with a snowball in each hand. Jack looked at her and put his hands up, showing that he was at her mercy and had no snowballs. She smiled and put her arm behind her head getting ready to throw a snowball when she froze. A chill ran up her spine and a huge shadow grew from behind her as the sky darkened a little. 
    Jack's face became serious and she swallowed hard, dropping the snowballs. "Pitch." he said between clenched teeth. Jamie twisted around just in time for Pitch to grab her and hold her up high by her shoulders. She struggled in his grasp. "Put me down!" she screamed.
    Jack tightened his grip on his staff getting ready to fight. "Get your filthy hands off of her, Pitch."


    Okay so sorry this was short. It's late where I am now and to be honest I just to see if anyone actually reads this before I waste time on writing any more that no one will read...But I do have plenty of ideas on where I am going with this! *hint hint wink wink!*


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