Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake

A scrapbook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from Draco Malfoy's point if view. Made for laughs, enjoy!


25. A/N

And.... You've just finished reading the adventures of Draco Matilda Malfoy (The aspiring unicorn/death eater one), and we are overwhelmed by he amount of positive feedback we've had. We never thought anyone would ever find us this funny!! But Draco's story doesn't end here. Mahogany Pumpkin, NightStar 13 and myself will be continuing it in the movella Draco Malfoy and the Better than Potter's Broomstick. Go check it out now!! If you liked DMATRH then DMATBTPB is even better!! So go on! What are you waiting for!!

- Mirlotta


Hey there fluffy unicorns.

So I know I haven't done this book for that long, but still I've loved it and I'm AMAZED to find that you guys all love it too!!! I think, if he knew, our bubba Draco would be proud! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please continue to like and favourite this and please read our sequel- Draco Malfoy and the Better-Than-Potter's Broomstick!!!! It would be great if you could like, favourite and comment on that!!!

Thanks XD

- MahoganyPumpkin


Oh My Dark Pizza... I can't believe our little Draco Matilda Malfoy has finished up his first year at Hogwarts! Awwww! He's growing up so fast! Well, I hope you're all glad to find out he's continuing at Hogwarts for next year! Yes, we know we are making him continue his journey disregarding Lucius Malfoy's continuous complaints of the school... but we're doing it for Y-O-U! Thank you guys so much for all your love towards our movella! Please do read Draco Malfoy and the Better Than Potter's Broomstick! Hopefully you enjoyed Draco's life and will enjoy Draco's life as much as we enjoyed writing up Draco's life! Thanks once again! I love you all!

- NightStar13


Obviously, LunallamabrianAppleshine is not on movellas any longer, but her parts were AMAZING!!



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