Shadows In Darknes

Shadows In Darkness is the second book in the series with Dynamic Skull.
Bert now has an assistant who isn't quite normal...


5. S.A.E

     Ealing sat beside a dark and stagnant lake, and was surrounded on all sides by barren lands of course grasses and dead trees.  Nothing ever grew in Ealing, no birds ever sang.

     The Sorcerers Academy of Ealing squatted on the edge of town, a low circular building like a rusted hubcap that had come spinning off a car and then just fallen over.  The building itself went five floors beneath the surface, and was riddled with tunnels and secret passageways.  Everything was dark and damp and smelled vaguely of mould.  On the third floor down, there was a large room filled with cabinets, and it was to this room which Bert and Marlena were headed, to look for information on Veronica Shadows.

     ‘I’m so excited right now.’ Marlena said as they neared.

     ‘Stop complaining.’

     ‘Finally, a reason to go into the fabled Mystical Hall of Magical Cabinets.’

     Bert looked at her. ‘That’s not what it’s called.’

     ‘A chance to sort through millions of files and really do some good old-fashioned detective work.  This is where the job gets glamorous, this is where I come alive.’

     ‘You can stop being sarcastic any time now.’ he led the way through the doors, and along rows and rows of files, all jammed into zinc cabinets.

     Marlena sighed. ‘Wouldn’t it be easier if this was all on a computer?’

     ‘Computers crash,’ said Bert. ‘Electronic information can be hacked.  Sometimes, hard copy is the way to go.’

     ‘But there’s so much of it,’ she whined. ‘Please tell me that there’s some sort of cool magical search system where whatever we choose suddenly appears in front of us.’

     ‘Yes.  It’s called alphabetical order.’ He opened a cabinet, skimmed over the files, closed it, and opened another one.

     Marlena thought about helping, but decided against it.  She’d probably just get in the way.

     ‘Is Shadows really a problem?’ she asked.

     ‘Do you not think everything that has happened has been a problem?’

     Marlena didn’t answer

     ‘Nope.  There’s nothing here on Veronica shadows.’ Bert announced

     ‘Agh!’ groaned Marlena




     Marlena Random crept into her living room, where her parents were presently watching a film.  Marlena wriggled behind the couch that they were sitting on, and slithered up the stairs.  She snuck into her room and was undressing when a text came through on her phone.  It read:



     How Would You Like To

     Meet Me At Pocillipo

     Tomorrow Night?




     Marlena wept tears of joy and replied,                                                           



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