A Dream come true


1. Surprise


"JENNA, WAKE UP!" As usually my mom yelled from downstairs. "COME ON JENNA!!" "Yes I'm getting up!" I knew I had to answer something before my mom comes up and drag my out of my bed. And she really does that. One time she even threw water over my face just to wake my up.

As normal I'm starting to begin my morning routine, until I realize it's Saturday. With a quick look on my phone I could see the time. Only 7:18. Why the hell is she waking me up so early? "JENN? ARE YOU READY" "Mom! Why are you waking me up so early?" "YOU'LL SEE WHEN WE GET THERE!" Let's hope she's not bringing me to a dumb tea party of hers.

Even tho I didn't want to get up so early on a saturday, my curiosity took over and before I knew I was wearing some clothes -a pair of blue jeans and a sweater- and my hair was tight up in a pony tail.

When I came down from the stairs, I saw my mother looking at me. "Are you really gonna wear that?" "What? It's not okay?" My mother was never judging me about my outfits. My feeling was telling me that we're going to a very special place. "Do I have to change?" I doesn't really matter what my mom is going to say, I wouldn't change anyways. "If you're happy like this" She answered.

We didn't say much in the car and I liked it that way. My mom wasn't much of a talker and so was I.

By the time we got close to our destination my mother had told me to put a bandana for my eyes. She wanted to be a real surprise. So I put it for my eyes. We drove for what felt like 3 hours till we got to our destenation.

"Are you ready?" my mom asked. Sure I was, I was always ready. I heard a car door open and close and a few seconds later I heard a door open much closer to me. "Come here" my mother said. "I'll help you to get out."

With loads of struggles I finally came out of the car. "Can I put the bandana off?" I asked. It was really getting on my nerves not seeing anything. "Almost" my mother replied. I felt her hands pushing me forwards. "And stop" she said. "Are you ready?" "Yes! Can I finally get it off?" I was nervous and curious at the same time. It sounded like my mother was very excited about her surprise. "Yes honey, you can take it off" So I did. Slowly I put the bandana off to see my moms surprise...

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