Cloud 9

Want a nice story, maybe about a bond between horse and grl, then here you are, you've found !Perfection!


1. Excitement!

Jill could not sleep, for tomorrow was a day that could change everything. Jill was absolutely horse crazy, and tomorrow, her riding stables, Pebblestone Creek Stables were taking her to a horse rescue centre, where Jill will get to choose what horse they take back. Eventually and finally she drifted off into a world of horsey dreams. When she arrived at the stables, the owners, Lindsey and John were waiting for her in the horsebox, Jill climbed up and plonked herself on the far seat. The rescue centre was only 20 minutes away, but to Jill it seemed like endless hours. When they got there, they were greeted by a young lady called Rebecca. “Hi there Jill” she said, glancing down at her clipboard “We’ve taken the results from the survey that you did online, and we’ve found the 2 most suitable horses for you! The chestnut is Hummingbird, and the grey is Cloud 9” she continued pointing at the nearest pen. “Why don’t you introduce yourself to both of them?” suggested Lindsey.”Okay” Jill replied. Jill walked over to the pen, Hummingbird came to say hello straight away, she was a fine specimen, bony hips, and a neck made of pure muscle, Belgian warmblood Jill predicted. Cloud 9 was a lot scruffier, it was February and he still had his fluffy winter coat. Jill made a clicking noise with her mouth, and Cloud 9 turned his face to look at her. “C’mon boy” she ushered. He took a few tentative steps towards Jill. “He’s just playing around with you! He’s not nervous, he loves to play” Said Rebecca “Let’s put him into a different pen”. Rebbeca handed Jill the headcollar. Jill walked in and patted the ‘teddy bear’ of a horse. Rebecca pointed Jill to a big circle arena, filled with sand. “I’ll take his headcollar off” said John “Do what we first did with Minstrel, just sit on the floor until he comes to say hello”. That’s what Jill did, she sat on the sand in the middle of the circle arena, Cloud 9 walked around the edge of the pen, sniffing the sand and sneezing as it went up his nostrils. After repeatedly pawing the new surface, Cloud 9 because interested in Jill, he ambled towards her, and nudged her shoulder. “Hello there Mr, how are you?”.As soon as Jill stood up, Cloud 9 released his playful side, he started trotting around Jill, cat leaping in the air, he charged towards Jill in a fast canter, but she wasn’t scared, she knew he was playing, she was right…as soon as Cloud got close to her he skidded to a sudden halt, making a massive sand cloud float into the air. Jill patted Cloud and told him what a good boy he was, she then ran around the perimeter or the arena, knowing it would excite him. Cloud followed in a high stepping trot, he looked like a very fluffy dressage horse, lifting himself up with springy steps that looked like they belonged to an Arab, this bought a question to her mind “What breed is he?” she asked. “He’s a Connemara x Arab, and Hummingbird is a Belgian Warmblood”
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