Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


28. Ruby.



“But you don’t look pregnant.” I said sitting down trying to take several seats.


“I know. It’s only since I’ve found out that I have been getting symptoms.” Katie replied.


“Are you sure it’s mine and not Niall’s?”


“Yeah, we’re 100 sure. We wouldn’t be making this shit up ya know.”


“Oh.. Well it’s too late for abortion and well it will be out in a month wont it? Okay well why don’t you just lie and say it’s Niall’s?”


“Are you sure you want that?”


“Yeah I need to be taking care of Jamie and I know how keen Niall is to become a father even if he is just a baby himself.”


I called Niall into the bedroom.


“So what’s going to happen?” he asked sitting down on the other side of Katie.


“Well, we were thinking lad that maybe we should just say it’s yours. That way when you do tell your Mum about James it wont be as bad because hey you’re already making her a mother.”


“Okay, okay. I should go and call my Mum and Katie you should get some rest.” Niall said as he got his phone and left the room.



I walked into Jamie and I’s bedroom and sat down on the end of the bed. She walked out of the bathroom in one of my shirts and some pink pajama shorts.


“Is everything okay with Katie?” Jamie looked up at me with a worried look in her eyes.


“Yeah, everything is fine.”


“Then what did she need you for?”


“Oh, um Katie is just pregnant to Niall and needed the number to the last doctor we used is all.”



Jamie cuddled into me as we laid there on the bed. Her head in my chest and I could hear her breathing and snoring in her sleep. I couldn’t sleep though. No matter how hard I tried I felt terrible knowing that I had lied to her. But what was I meant to tell her. I wouldn’t even dare think about telling her that Katie is pregnant and it’s mine. She would kill me and then everyone else would kill me too and this trip has already been hard enough on everyone and I just couldn’t put any more pressure on anyone, I finally started to doze off as the sun was rising.





I woke up to the sounds of Katie in the bathroom. We were meant to have tonight off but we choice to do the show we were meant to do last night tonight.  Katie walked out in leggings and one of my hoddys.


“What did your Mum have to say?” she asked.


“Well I don’t think she was all too happy. She seemed to not like the idea of us having a child on the road is all.”


“Ah well that’s fair enough. But there isn’t really anything that we can do about it besides I’m sure everything is going to be okay.”


“Katie I don’t think you realize we only have a  month to prepare. A month to let James know that he is going to have a bother or a sister and I’m kind of freaking out about this because I love you so much and I’m pretty worried about how all of this is going to happen.”


“Niall I love you, you focus on this tour and I will focus on this baby, James and I. Okay? Everything will be alright.”



“Well we should at least go to the doctors so we can find out what we’re having so be can go buy some things today?”


“Yeah okay, I am ready whenever you are.”


I went and just got changed. I didn’t even have a shower there wasn’t even time.  I put on some blue jeans and a black hoody and walked out the door hand in hand with Katie while James was in her other arm.  We had the drivers drive us to the hospital and we didn’t have to wait all that long at all. After all I am Niall Horan.


The doctor was a girl. She had her brown hair up in a ponytail. She were glasses and always seemed to be smiling but not a faked smile either.


“How are you feeling?” She asked and sat down next to Katie.


“Yeah alright.”


She put the jelly on Katie’s belly and you could see this full sized baby inside of her. It was scary to be honest.


“Oh, do you know what you are having yet?”


“Nah not yet. We were hoping to find out today.” Katie replied.


“You’re having a little girl and by the looks of it Katie is ready to pop any minute now.”


We went to Starbucks before heading to the concert where everyone else was. I got a coffee but Katie just got a chocolate drink.


We walked in and everyone else was sitting around eating pizza.


Jamie came running over to Katie and gave her a hug.


“How are you feeling? I cannot believe we get to be pregnant together!”


“I know. I am already to pop though. I have been pregnant for a while and we just didn’t know about it.” Katie replied.


“Well why are you standing go and sit down with everyone else.”


We all sat around for about an hour having a few and eating some pizza before we had to go out and do the show. 


“Are you going to be okay back here with James and everything?” I asked Katie.


“Yeah I should be fine.” She said, smiled and kissed me before I went out.




I was back stage with Joe, Jamie and I had James to take care of.  James was being really clingy that night, it was kind of cute and annoying at the same time as I couldn’t even go to the toilet without him having a hissy fit and me being eight months pregnant meant I had to go all the time.


“Who is that girl that is sitting over there by herself?” Joe asked.


“I don’t know. She was talking with Zayn before the show.” Jamie replied.


“Maybe we should go and talk to her?” I suggested.


“Yeah alright.”


We walked over there and sat down next to her.


“Hi I’m Jamie and this is James, Joe and Katie and you are?”


“Alanna.” She replied.


“Oh right, you’re that girl that Zayn has been seeing right?”


“He said that?” She asked looking up in pure glee.


“Yeah, He was kind of over the moon the other day after that date you and him had.”


“I didn’t even know he thought of it as a date though.”


“Do you not like him?” Jamie asked.


“No I do. I really do. I just thought that he could never like me is all.”



“Well he really likes you.”


“Oh so tell me more about Zayn.”


“He was dating this girl called Perrie but it didn’t work out and I didn’t think he would ever move on to be honest, his favorite book is Harry Potter, Zayn has three sisters but no bothers oh and he is addicted to smoking but he is trying to give up.” Jamie said.


“Tell us more about you though.” Said Joe.


“I live in Paris. I speak three different languages. English, French and Spanish. I have two sisters, I am a massive dancer and I want to be a baker, like cupcakes and muffins.”





Everyone rushed over to make sure I was okay.


“You have to go to the hospital.” Alanna said.


“No. It can wait until the show is over I don’t want to go without Niall.”


“Katie I don’t think you have a choice.”


“No I am waiting.”  I responded to Jamie and Alanna rudely.


It was another two hours of waiting and a lot of pain before Niall and the other lads finally finished their concert. 


“Katie you have a constipated look on your face, are you feeling alright?” Niall asked.


“I’ve gone into labor. I have been waiting for you to finish your concert. I wasn’t going without you and you weren’t going to stop your concert.”


“How long have you been in labor for?”


“About two hours.”


“Omg, Katie come we have to leave right now.”


It was an hour drive to the hospital and I don’t think Niall liked how long it took us to get there. He held on to James the whole way making sure he was settled. It was kinda cute really but as much as I wanted to enjoy it I couldn’t because of all the pain I was in.


By the time we got there the baby was almost falling out. Niall carried me in one arm and then James in another. I was rushed into the room without James or Niall there. It was scary because I didn’t know what was happening. They poked around at me for a while and then finally let Niall and James back in.


“How are you feeling beautiful?” He asked and sat little James down next to me.


“I hurt so much right now please make this stop.”


“Katiebear, it’s only going to hurt for a while. Soon we will have our little girl and it will be okay.”


I wasn’t in labor for all that much longer. I hardly remember all that much of it after that point. I just remember seeing Niall cut the cord and Joe holding James.


I had a sleep afterwards and Niall took care of the baby and James. It didn’t feel like all that long but apparently I was asleep for a good ten hours.


“Hey Katie. How did you sleep?” Niall asked.


“Yeah alright. How were the babies?”


“Yeah good. I named her I hope that’s okay.”


“Oh what did you call her?”


“Ruby Grace Horan.”


“Oh, Niall it’s beautiful.”


“Oh but there is one more question I would like to ask you. Will you do the honor of being my wife?” he said as he got down on one knee and pulled our a beautiful rose gold ring.  


“Of course.”


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