Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


24. Mine.



When we got to the hotel Liam had the lawyers meet us there.  We checked in at the hotel. The lobby was beautiful. Crystal lights hanging from the top of the roof and gold themed wallpaper.  I got in the elevator with Katie and James in my right arm. When we got to the hotel room, I put James in his cot so he could sleep of the jet lag and Katie went for a shower. It was around fifteen minutes of anxiously waiting for Liam and the lawyers.


“Mr. Horan?” One of the lawyers asked. He had a black suit on and brown short hair.


“Come in.” I said shutting the door behind the two of them.


“So, where is James right now?”


“He’s asleep in his cot in the bedroom.”


“Okay. Well we have spoken with Mr. Payne and he has suggested that you adopt James, is this correct?”




“Are you aware of what you will be taking on?”


“Yeah, this is what I want, I love James and would do anything for him.”



They kept asking a lot of questions. It took around two hours to get all of the papers and everything in order. It was long and my hand was cramping from signing all of those forms but it was worth it because James was officially my son.  I was so excited. I took a selfie with him and uploaded it. I know that fans must be confused as hell so I made a status on our facebook page explaining everything that was happening. They were a massive apart of which we are. I knew they were going to be supportive no matter what.  



I sat down on the couch and Katie came out of the room.


“How did it all go?” She came and sat down next to me.


“Good. I’m officially and legally James’s Father.”


“Oh my god! That’s great. Now we’re a family! ” She started jumping up and down. 


We were making out and things were starting to get a little heated when all of a sudden James started to cry.


“I better go fix him..” Katie let our a sigh and walked off into the bedroom.


Jamie barged into the hotel room while I was making his bottle.


“Are you alright?” I asked worried.


“Yeah I just need Katie, where is she?”


“She’s in James’s bedroom to the right.”




I didn’t hear much. But I had a really bad feeling about what was going to happen next.







I cannot believe what had happened between Liam and I. I knew that if I didn’t tell Katie what had happened it would have only made it worse so I went over to tell her. When I got there she was dealing with James. He was the cutest kid I had ever seen.


“Hey Jamie what’s up?” She said sitting down to feed James.


“ Listen we have to talk.”


“Oh? What is it?”


“I had intercourse with Liam and we didn’t use protection..”


“Oh Jamie. You have to go and take the morning after pill and talk this out with Liam.”


“So you’re not mad?”


“No, I’m only going to be mad if you don’t go and do something about it.”  




After that talk with Katie; I went to Liam’s room.  When he answered he was walking around in just shorts. Nothing else. He looked so hot.


“Look, we need to talk.”


“I know. Look I’m sorry. We should have been safe. I shouldn’t have been such an idiot.”


“It’s my fault too. Look I know that you just gave up your child and I know for sure that I’m not ready to have a baby, so I’m not really sure what we will do to be honest.”


“Let’s not freak out until anything bad happens.” He pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. I had never felt so safe.


“Do you want to get some pizza and we’ll watch cute movies on the couch?”


“Yeah, I’d be up for that.”  


We sat in the hotel room making out, watching movies and eating food. It was prefect. I was shocked. I didn’t know Liam was such a Romanic.


“Maybe we should go to the sound check now?”  I suggested.


“Shit! Hahah yeah we should.”



Liam drove us to the arena; by the time we got there everyone else was already there.   I went and sat in the greenroom with Katie, James and Joe.


“So how long do these things usually go for?” Joe asked.


“Four hours. Usually longer.” Katie replied.


“And what we just sit back here and wait?”


“Well I like to sit on Niall’s phone and follow people but we can go and do things if you’d like?”


“Yeah we should get a coffee.” I suggested.


We walked down the road for about fifteen minutes before finding a Starbucks. We all ordered and sat down.  We weren’t expecting it but fans started to notice us.  People wanted to have their photos taken and to get us to follow them on twitter. It was amazing to know that people knew who we were. We went shopping at a few more stores and then headed back to the show.


When we got back they had finished their show and were hanging out backstage.


“How was the show? I brought coffee.” I said sitting down next to liam.


“Thanks, yeah it was alright tiring.” He replied.


I sat there talking with Liam and Louis. Niall and Katie were talking Lou while James and Lux meet.  After a while we all went back to the hotel. I went straight to sleep. I had an appointment in the morning.


I got up the next morning, did my hair and just put on any clothes I could find.  I wasn’t at the doctors long but I found out everything I needed to know.  


I walked back into the hotel and walked into Liam’s room. I sat him down.


“Liam, I’m pregnant..”


“Oh shit Jamie.”


I didn’t even know what to do. I just sat there.  I couldn’t do what he wanted me to.

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