Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


7. Last days.

LIAMSPOV; It was Monday. We had a concert to do tonight and then we leave Australia for America early tomorrow. I sat up, Katie wasn’t next to me. I put some black shorts on and a green shirt and walked out into the kitchen. She had one of my shirts on and her blue owl shorts underneath. Her hair up in a messy bun. She looked like she had been up for hours. She was cooking breakfast Eggs, Bacon, toast and pancakes.  The rest of the bus was spotless.  Apart from where Harry and Louis had fallen asleep on the couch. “Hey, you hungry, you have a big day today?” She said smiling and kissing my lips. “Yeah, I’ll just go and wake the rest of the lads?”  I walked into their bedroom, I woke up Niall and Zayn. Niall was up pretty fast as soon as I mentioned food. When I got back Harry and Louis were already up eating at the table. Katie was still cooking. She made more eggs and pancakes. We all sat around before we had to go and get ready for the sound check.   LOUISPOV; I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. I walked into the kitchen to see Katie cooking again for us. I sat down and it wasn’t long before all of the lads were here eating. We ate and then and went to get ready. I called Eleanor before taking a shower. I put on blue jeans and a green shirt and some shoes then brushed my teeth, I walked out and everyone was ready. Liam called Preston to bring around the car. We all left and got there around 2pm. The concert started in about five hours. We did the sound check and ordered some pizza. We mucked around for a little bit after that and then did the concert. It was around 1am when we finally got home. Katie was asleep on the couch. Liam and I carried her to bed, I went and skyped Eleanor. I was missing her so much. I wish she could come on tour with us, but she was just so busy with classes and family. I was so tired but I wanted to talk to her. KATIESPOV; I woke up running to the toilet again. I was over being pregnant already and I was only two months along.  When my body finally stopped hating me I got up and made a cup of tea. I then went into the room to start packing my things. We were leaving the country today. Liam was still asleep, I gently woke him up and told him of the time. I kept packing while Liam had a shower. I packed some of Liam’s things too. I then went around the bus making sure everything was perfectly clean. The other lads still weren’t up. I went and knocked on their doors. Made some more tea and coffee and breakfast. They gt up ate and packed their things. I kept having to run back and fourth the bathroom while trying to clean. “Are you okay?” harry asked with concern. “Yeah, I will be fine.” I smiled and ran to the bathroom again.   The car was here before we were all ready. We weren’t too much late though. We went through customs; it was my first public appearance as Liam’s girlfriend.  He started to get a lot of hate on twitter, but he did do his best to hide it all form me. He was such a sweetie. We waited around for only about fifteen minutes. Any longer and I would have punched some 16 year old out. I don’t know how they called themselves fans if that’s the way they treat the people they care about. We boarded the plan, I just put my earphones in and fell asleep.  
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