Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


27. Just a friend though.



I woke up and started to set the table, I put water and juice in clear jugs on first and then plats and cups. I got out the fraying pan and put some bacon and eggs on and started to cook. Before not too long Niall was awake. It was almost like he smelt the food.


“How did you sleep?” I asked putting some cooked toast, bacon and then some eggs on to his plate.


“Yeah pretty good. James isn’t liking the changing of rooms and cot’s all the time so he is up all night usually.”


“How do your parent’s feel about you becoming a parent anyway?”


“Well, ya see we haven’t actually told them yet. I’m not too sure of how they would respond.”


“You might want to tell them soon because otherwise Christmas will become a tad awkward. If you know what I mean.”


“Yeah you’re probably right.”


“What’s Zayn right about this time?” Liam said walking in and sitting down with us.


“Oh, that I should tell Mum about James is all.” Niall replied.


“You haven’t told her?!” Liam said in shock.


“Well what do I say? Oh yeah I have a baby now and he was Liam’s but is now mine and his name is James and you must love him because I said so.”


“Well you know your Mum is going to be more upset that you didn’t tell her then if you did.”



“Well fine I will tell her.”


“Okay good because our next stop is in London and we can get your mum to come meet us?” harry suggested.


“Okay Okay.” Niall said walking off into the bedroom.


“Oh but why were you coming in so late last night after that date with that girl?” harry asked


“Oh I went out with that girl from the signing, the ticket was hers too.”


“So yous just went out? Nothing happened then?” Louis added.


“Yeah well ya know we kissed a little..”


“Oh is that why you made us all breakfast then?” Niall said walking out holding James and putting him into his highchair.


“Shut up lads.”


“Alright well we have to go and get ready anyway, we should all go for lunch before the sound check and concert.” Niall said.


“Alright sounds good”


Everyone went into the bedrooms. Niall stayed out there and feed James some banana baby food. I don’t know for sure but whatever it was it looked gross.


I got dressed into some black skinny-legged jeans, a white shirt, a red checked shirt and some black kicks. I went into the bathroom and styled my hair. I had my iPhone sitting on the counter when I got a text.


‘We still on for tonight? –Alanna’


‘Of course.  Do you want to come at the sound check and sit back stage with Katie and the rest of them?’


‘Sure, sounds good will meet you there’


I made sure my hair was prefect and then walked out into the living room to wait for everyone else.


Liam and Jamie were already waiting. Jamie had her hair down straightened, Liam had a black long sleeve shirt on and his hair was pushed up to the side. Louis was wearing a red shirt with white strips and Harry just had his purple hoddy on.


“Alright are we already?” Joe said keen to finally leave the hotel.


“Wait no where is Niall?” Louis asked.


“I’ll go check on them.” Jamie said walking over to the bedroom.






“Are yous alright in there?” I asked and knocked on the door.


When I didn’t hear an answer I walked in uninvited.

When I walked in I seen James sitting there in his cot with one of his favorite toys.


“Where is Mummy and Daddy?” I asked him and picked him up.


I walked up and around the bedroom before noticing a door that led to a bathroom. I heard voices from Katie and Niall. I didn’t mean to but I over heard some things I don’t think I was meant too. Not that I was sure what meanings they had behind them anyway.


“It’s going to be okay.” Niall said.


“Yeah and what if it’s not. This could all go terribly wrong.”


“it won’t though you have me and the rest of the lads and joe and Jamie too.”


“I know but it wasn’t meant to happen like this. Not again”


After hearing all of that I went and sat James out with the rest of the lads. I handed him to Jamie and then went back in there and knocked on the bathroom door.


“Hey is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah everything is fine. Katie has just been a tad sick is all.”


“Are yous almost ready to go?”


“Nah I think we will meet the rest of yous at the concert.”


“Okay I will let everyone know. Do you want me to take care of James?”


“You know you don’t have to do that.”


“I know I want to.”


“alright well if you’re sure.”


I went back into the living room and explained what was happening.  I had Harry call around the car and off we went. We did a little bit of shopping and then ate some lunch. It was good having James there. I couldn’t wait to be a Mum.


As Liam and I were walking around we held hands because we did want people to think we were dating. It was kind of weird ya know. Everyone watching me now but I think I was going to have to get used to it.


“How are you feeling?” Liam asked me


“Yeah alright. It is just different having everyone look at me and my stomach is starting to show.”


“Yeah I know. We will have to start telling people soon?” He suggested.


“Can we do it now?”


“Sure, I’ll send out a tweet.”


‘Cannot wait to be a father. @Jamielouise and I cannot wait.’


“Now can we start buying some more baby stuff?” I asked.


“Anything you want. You know you have my card from last time.”


We went into a lot of baby stores and brought so much. I was so happy that Liam and I were doing this. It was good having him come and help pick out the things this time. We brought some baby clothes and more little shoes and then went and got a coffee before meeting up with everyone else to go to the sound check.


When we got there Niall and Katie weren’t there like they had said.


“I will and go and give them a call?” I said looking up at Liam worried.


It rang out and rang out and I kept getting voice mails before Niall finally gave me a call back.


“Hey is everything okay? Where are yous?”


“We’re at home. I don’t think we’re going to be able to make it. Katie is really sick can you put one of the lads on so I can talk to them?


I walked over to Louis and handed him the phone.


“Hey what’s up lad, where are you and Katie?”


“Katie is really sick and I don’t know if we’re going to be able to make it maybe we should cancel the show?”


I let everyone else know and we sent out a tweet and emails and everything letting everyone know. We all rushed back home to make sure that everything was okay.


When we got there Niall was sitting on the kitchen bench.


“Where is Katie is she okay?” I asked rushing through the door.


“Liam I think you should go and talk to her.” He replied.


“Wait why Liam?” I asked in confusion.




I walked into Katie and Niall’s bedroom at the hotel. The walls were crème and had a red feature wall with photos of the Eiffel tower. She was sitting down on the floor with her back up against the bed and he head planted in her stomach.



“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked sitting down next to her.


“Liam, just..” she replied.


“No but what’s wrong” I asked again


“Why do you need me in here. Why isn’t Niall in here too.”


“Because Liam. Because. I want to tell you so bad but I’m so angry about it.”


“Katie come on, you know whatever it is I’m sure it’s not half as bad as you’re making it out to be.”


“Liam I don’t think you realize.”


“You’re right I don’t so you should tell me.”


“I’m eight months pregnant and it’s yours.”


“I’m sorry what.”


“Well it cannot be Niall’s because well the DNA test prove that it wasn’t and it proves that it is yours.”


“But what.” I sat there in shock.

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