Beautiful Mistake.

Katie is a young mother who's forced to stay with her "boyfriend" to help with the baby, but what happens when her old high school boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture?


2. i need you.

KATIES POV; I woke up to a pillow soaked from tears, in a hotel room, that I have no idea how I even got here. I checked my phone a million missed calls from Hayden and some from Alex as well and that’s when it hit me, it wasn’t a dream I actually lost my little girl.  I didn’t know who’s room I was in but I grabbed out a clean shirt from there suitcase and some of there trackies. I walked out of the bedroom and there was Liam, and three other boys I had never seen before.
“How did you sleep,?” the boy with blonde hair said.

“Well” I said awkwardly while sitting down next to Liam.

“Who are these people?” I whispered into Liam’s ear.

“Well that’s harry with the curly hair, Niall is the one that spoke to you and Zayn is the one with black hair, oh and Louis will be back soon, he went to get us McDonalds breakfast, he got you some too. “

I just half smiled and cuddled into Liam, it wasn’t long before I was getting calls from Hayden again. I answered this time, we spoke for a while. He wanted to know what happened exactly, if I was okay and where I was. I didn’t tell him I was with Liam, he would have freaked. I could tell Hayden was worried. But I did need to be away from the house and away from him.  I got off the phone, Louis was back with the McDonalds, we all sat around eating and I started to get to know some of the other boys.

“How did you and Liam meet?” Louis asked.

“We dated in High School for about three years, how did yous all meet anyway?”

“We’re in a band together, we’re actually on tour right now” Niall replied.

“We’re going to be in Melbourne for a few more days before we go to Sydney, you should stay, until you’re feeling better?” Liam suggested.

“Yeah sounds good, but do you think you could go take me to go and get some of my things I don’t want to go alone but I feel rude wearing all of your clothes.”


LIAM’S POV; we went to Kate’s house. She lived in a small two-bed room house with her and the baby’s father. I knew she wasn’t happy by the fact that the house was a mess, everything was unsorted and all over the place. This was nothing like Kate at all. She grabbed a few things, didn’t even look in her the other room, just got what she needed and we left.

“you didn’t take much.”
“Yeah everything reminds me of Ella. “

“Im sorry you’ve had to go through this, I’ll take you shopping if you want?”

she agreed and we went to a few stores. She didn’t buy that much and it was rushed. We got Starbucks and went back to the hotel. Katie went into my bedroom to get changed I went and spoke to the lads. It was ages before she came out and even when she did she had changed but into a shirt and shorts and mine.  The only comment I made was on how pretty she looked.  The lad’s left and we sat on the couch cuddling.

“Sorry if I’m being too clingy.” She said.

“Its okay,” i kissed her check.  I then realized that I should ask about the baby’s father. It was getting to me. I had to know that she was going to be with me when she needed it.

“Where’s the baby’s father?”

“At home. I’m kind of still with him, although since I’m a childless mother I can leave him now..”

“You were only with him for Ella?”
“Yeah, she needed a father.

“You should have called.”
“LIAM she shouted, you cannot be suggesting that you would have helped. She wasn’t yours.”
“Doesn’t change that I love you..” I said and then realized what had come out of my mouth.

KATIES POV; Liam just told me that he loved me and I couldn’t say anything. I just kissed him, his lips were dry at first but became more moist after a few seconds, I opened my mouth and he did the same, the kiss lasted for only around thirty seconds before Harry walked in.  

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin anything. I can leave if yous want?”

“Nah its fine, you can stay and watch movies with us?” I suggested this because I wanted to leave Hayden first. I didn’t want to cheat on him even though I didn’t love him.

Harry stayed with us and we watched my favorite movie “finding nemo.” I cuddled up to Liam and he had his hand around my waist.  It wasn’t long before I feel asleep.,


HARRY’S POV; Katie seemed like a really sweet girl and  made Liam really happy. We all know something’s wrong though and even though we’ve just met her we’re all worried.   I seen Liam playing with her hair and making sure he was always cuddling her, I could hear her little snores. I knew she was asleep and I thought asking Liam would be a better idea.

“So is everything okay with Katie?” I whispered so she wouldn’t wake.

“Not really lad, she actually just lost her six month old baby.”

“Oh, is there anything I can do to make her feel better?”

“Not right now but if there’s anything ill let you know.” He said stroking her hair.  It was late and I had to get back to the other boys, we were going for dinner. We didn’t invite Liam and Katie, we thought they could use the time and space.


LIAM”S POV: I looked at the time and woke Katie up, it was good she was still sleeping but she needed to be eating as well. I suggested we call room service and just stay in for the night. She really liked the idea. She was so prefect, her blonde hair on top of her head in a messy bun and her skin bare. I just wanted to kiss her again. I didn’t know if that’s what she wanted though, I didn’t want her to think I was taking advantage of her situation. I put my arms around her again and she put her head on my chest, she looked up at me, run her small fingers through my hair.

“Will you sleep in the bed with me tonight? I don’t think I’ll be able to do sleep alone alone.” She asked nervously.

“Anything to help you.” I replied.

I smiled at her while she looked at the ground. She didn’t catch me staring at her beauty.

“You should get some more pillows and blankets and sheets. I have an idea.”

“Okay, ill get someone to bring up as many as you’d like.”

I called them up and got them to bring up 5 sheets, 20 pillows and 10 blankets. They didn’t take too long bringing them up, Katie answered the door tipped them and started to make what looked like a fort.
“Are you gonna just stand there? She said throwing a pillow at me.

I started to help and that’s when the lad’s walked in. They started to help out and reached all the tall spots Katie couldn’t. We moved the mattresses into the fort, put pillows and blankets everywhere and we all fell asleep pretty quickly.

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