Scarred. ~Dark Fanfic~

I walked down the corridor of my new school, staring at my shoes, when I bumped into someone. I dared to look up. I slowly raised my head to find a curly haired boy, with an evil grin spread across his face. He had green orbs, that penetrated your soul. He wore black combat boots, a leather jacket completed with a skull shirt and bandana. I knew who he was. Harry Styles.

Please note that this is all made up and Harry Styles would never do this.


15. You, Me and Him.

"Harry stop!" I screamed.
"Why should I? After all you've put me through, lying to me, making me hurt inside. Why should I Kyra? Why should I!" He yelled back at me.
"Because I love him!" I yelled, and immediately slapped my hand to my mouth. It was silent. Harry had stopped the beating.
"W-what?" He choked out.
"Harry I-"
"No, Kyra. You were mine. I love you! I honestly do but you just can't seem to understand that when I want something, I get it." Harry growled.
"No Harry! You don't! People have lives..or at least they used to until you and your little gang came along and ruined them all!" I spat.
"Kyra, you don't mean that." Harry chuckled nervously.
"Yes Harry, I do." Harry's fists clenched, his breathing became heavy. He started slowly backing away from Marcel, and turned to me.
"You." He whispered, and lunged towards me.

I woke up screaming.  I looked round my room frantically. This has happened too many times, but this dream was different. Instead of feeling plain hatred, I felt love. Love, but not for Harry, thank god. But for Marcel. But, the thing is, he was the old Marcel. The one I fell in love with. Not the new, pop star Marcel. I just don't have the heart to tell him, plus he's happy with his new look. I looked around my shoulder to the clock on my bedside table. 6:00! I must've fallen asleep! I hopped into the shower, and washed my hair. I jumped out, and found some clothes to wear. Marcel told me to wear something casual and comfy, so I chose a red chequer shirt, with black jeans, black converse and I pinned my hair back. 
I admired myself in the mirror, and smiled in approval. I ran down the stairs, and searched for Marcel. He wasn't there. 
"Mars?" I yelled. "Marcel?" I listened for any noise. Nothing. I noticed the lights were off, so I thought he was going to jump out at me.
I spun round, and flicked the lights on. I turned back round to find Marcel, and gasped.
"Hello sweetheart." Harry grinned evilly, his face inches from mine. I took several steps back before speaking.
"What are you doing here?" I whispered.
"What am I doing here? Hmm, let's see. I could be here to borrow some sugar, to have a little chat, or maybe, I'm here for you." He smirked. 
"Where's Marcel?" I said behind gritted teeth, completely ignoring his last comment.
"Oh, don't worry about him darling. He's taken care of." His evil grin became wider.
"What have you done with him! Where is he?" I yelled.
"Don't worry, he's safe." He explained, his smirk fading. "But, you might want to come with me." 
"Why would I want to come with you?" I said, pulling a horrible face, showing I was disgusted.
"To see your boyfriend?" He smirked. My eyes grew wide when I realised what he meant. I realised I had no choice but to go with him, to help Marcel. 

"This isn't the way to your house?" I said in more of a question.
"No, this is the way to the hospital." Harry smirked.
"THE HOSPITAL?" I yelled.
"Yeah, where else would he be after I paid him a visit?" Harry smirked.
"You're sick!" I yelled. 
We finally arrived in the hospital, and before Harry could even stop the car, I was unbuckled and out of the car. I ran into the hospital and straight up to the front desk.
"What room is Marcel in please?" I asked frantically.
"Room 107." The lady smiled.7
"Okay thanks." I replied, and shot off down the halls, determined to loose Harry. I ran down the corridors, with tears streaming down my face. I finally came to room 107. I took a deep breath before opening the door. I didn't know what to expect. When Harry's involved, it's normally bad. I took one last deep breath, and opened the door. I was crying so much, my hair stuck to my face. I slowly walked over to Marcel's bed. Luckily he had no casts on. I slowly picked up the clipboard at the end of his bed, and read through it. Internal bruising, broken nose, nothing too serious. I placed the clipboard back in it's holder, and walked over to Marcel. I pulled a chair up, and collapsed on it. I placed my hand in Marcel's, and slowly rubbed my thumb over the top of his hand. 
"Marcel. Marceeel." I whispered. He wouldn't wake up. 
"He's in a deep sleep love, won't be awake for hours." A nurse said, who had somehow managed to slip into the room unnoticed. 
"Oh, okay, thanks." I smiled, and she left.
"Marcel, I'm so sorry." I whispered, still holding his hand. "If I wouldn't have been so stupid and fell asleep, maybe I could've helped you." I said, choking out the words as I cried. "But, Marcel, I love you. I really do, I just wish you didn't change. You changed because of me. For me. I mean, I like your new style, but It's not the Marcel I fell in love with. I fell in love with the geeky, shy, funny, nerdy Marcel." I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, and wiped my tears. I smiled at how stupid I must look, and what stupid cheesy remark Marcel would come up with if he saw me. The sound of clapping made me jump. I spun round, and found Harry leaning against the door frame.
"There's nothing I can do, is there?" Harry asked. I shook my head slightly.
"Honestly, no." I explained.
"Kyra, I'm sorry." Harry frowned. My eyes grew wide. Did he actually just apologise.
"Did you just..." I began.
"Hey, I can be nice if I want to." Harry smiled.
"YOU'RE SMILING!" I laughed. "I didn't know you could smile!"
"Shut up." Harry laughed. He began to walk towards me. He lifted his hand, and I cowered back with my hands in front of my face, expecting the familiar pain I felt whenever I was with Harry. But it never came. I slowly lowered my hands, and saw Harry with his head in his hands.
" thought I was going to hit you, didn't you?" Harry said softly. I nodded.
"Well yeah, that's all you ever do to me." I replied. Harry's eyes no longer showed anger and evil, but sympathy and kindness. Maybe Harry would change, but I'm not putting any money on it.

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