Scarred. ~Dark Fanfic~

I walked down the corridor of my new school, staring at my shoes, when I bumped into someone. I dared to look up. I slowly raised my head to find a curly haired boy, with an evil grin spread across his face. He had green orbs, that penetrated your soul. He wore black combat boots, a leather jacket completed with a skull shirt and bandana. I knew who he was. Harry Styles.

Please note that this is all made up and Harry Styles would never do this.


3. Peek-a-Boo

"Kyra, what's this?" Becky asked, scared.
"Oh, just someone playing a prank." I lied. At least, that's what I hope. "Lets just get inside." I smiled, putting my hand on her back as she walked in. I quickly searched around outside, to make sure there was no one there, then I shut the door.
"K-Kyra." Becky said. She something in her hand.
"What's up Becks?" I asked, walking over to her. "Pass me that." I asked her, and she passed me what was in her hand. Another post-it-note. It read:
I found your spare key.
Love Harry.
Ps. You're not very good at hiding, are you? You're gonna have to practise, if you wanna escape me. ;)

"Hey, it's ok." I reassured Becky. "Just a prank." I hoped.
"Ok." She smiled.
"Lets go upstairs." I suggested running upstairs. We both reached the top and went our separate ways. I took two steps into my room, when I heard a scream. I ran into my sisters room, to find Becky at the door, and..Harry.
"Just thought I'd come for a visit." He smirked.
"Well it's not funny, you scared the life out of my little sister! You cant just come into my house!" I yelled.
"I can do what I want darling." He grinned walking towards me.
"No, no you can't! Get out!" I yelled. I was absolutely furious.
"Calm down love! I just wanted to pay you a little visit!" He explained, the smirk slowly fading away from his face.
"I didn't ask you too! Get out!" I yelled louder.
"Ok, you clearly don't get it do you babe. You don't control me, I control you." He said.
"No, you do not." I retorted.
"Oh, babe. But I do." He smiled, making his way down the stairs.
"Good, get out of my house." I said, opening the door, pushing him out, and shutting the door firmly behind him, locking it. I don't want anymore surprises. I spun round and gave my little sister a tight squeeze.
"You're sleeping in my room tonight." I said into her hair.

We were laying in bed watching a film, well, I was, Becky fell asleep, when there was a bang downstairs. I muted the TV and sat there in silence. There it was again. I slowly got out of bed, and grabbed the baseball bat I kept under my bed. I tiptoed down the stairs. I saw that through the glass on our front door, there was a yellow square. I slowly walked to the door and opened it. There, stuck to the door, was another note. For god sake, why can't this kid leave me alone? I barely know him! I peeled it off and read it. It said:
You may be angry, but trust me, you haven't seen the worst of me yet.
Love, Harry.

I'm getting seriously peed off with this guy. Why can't he just leave me alone? I haven't even done anything! Eugh, tomorrow at school is gonna be fun. Not.

Harry's P.O.V
I hid in the bushes as she opened the door.. with a baseball bat? Silly girl, that wouldn't stop me. I watched as she read the note, and I could tell she was getting annoyed. Great. Hopefully soon she will realise that I can control her, and that she should respect me, because other wise, oh ho, she was getting it. I should make this into a game. With the post-it-notes. I'd love to see her reaction. That's what I'll do. Luckily I have a few more post-it-notes, and a pen. I wrote out the notes, and waited until she went inside. Once it was safe, I stuck them on her doors and windows, and ran to my car. I wonder what her reaction would be in the morning.

Kyra's P.O.V

~Next Morning~
I woke up on the floor, hugging a baseball bat. How did that happen? Must have fallen out of bed or something. Aha. I slowly got up and it took a second for me to adjust to the light, but when I did, I realised I had woken up early. Great! I could have a shower. I looked at Becky who was still sleeping, and she looked very peaceful. I pulled out some clothes for today, and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair and my body, and hopped out. I brushed my hair, and tied it into a messy bun, to dry naturally. I walked over to my room to wake up Becky.
"Becks! Becks you gotta get up!" I said loudly.
"Mhmm! I'm up." She said hauling herself out of bed. I smiled and went downstairs to make breakfast. I took out two bowls, and poured in cereal and milk into it. As if on cue, Becky came skipping down the stairs.
"What's that on the window Ky?" Becky said pointing to the window. I turned round to find a yellow square. I rolled my eyes knowing what it was.
"It's nothing. Go eat your breakfast." I smiled handing her the bowl of cereal. I walked over to the window, undid it, peeled off the note and shut it again. I read it, and it made my heart pound.
Can't wait to see you at school. You're in for a right surprise babe.
Love, Harry.
Ps. Don't think about skipping, because remember, I know where you live.


~Later at School~
I walked through the school gates, not looking forward to what todays going to bring.
"Morning babe." I felt hot breath on my neck. He was seriously going to get it now.
"Seriously, what is your problem? I haven't even done anything to you! Can you just leave me and my sister alone you creep!" I yelled, and stormed off. I was so blind with anger, that I walked into someone.
"Sorry." I muttered, before trying to walk off. Note the word TRYING.
"Hey, it's you. Kyra, right?" Said a familiar Irish accent. I looked up and realised it was one of Harry's gang, Niall, I think.
"Yeah, can you move please?" I said impatiently.
"No, Harry wants you." He said, and before I could react, I felt a pair of arms pick me up. I didn't even fight it. There was no point. He wasn't going to let go, and no one seemed to care what was happening.
I'm dead.

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