Scarred. ~Dark Fanfic~

I walked down the corridor of my new school, staring at my shoes, when I bumped into someone. I dared to look up. I slowly raised my head to find a curly haired boy, with an evil grin spread across his face. He had green orbs, that penetrated your soul. He wore black combat boots, a leather jacket completed with a skull shirt and bandana. I knew who he was. Harry Styles.

Please note that this is all made up and Harry Styles would never do this.


22. Not Again.

"Harry!" I screamed, pulling him into a hug. He stumbled back, but soon caught on and wrapped his arms round me weakly. "Thank you." I said pulling away.
"No problem, I'm just sorry I couldn't do it in time." Harry said, glancing at the floor.
"Harry?" Someone shouted from across the street. Harry looked over his shoulder, as did I. There was a boy in a denim jacket, with skinny black jeans, sunglasses and big combat boots.
"What." Harry growled.
"You've gone all soft!" The boy fake laughed.
"What?" Harry said, furrowing his eyebrows.
"Don't pretend, I saw." Said the boy, smirking. "You and that girl." He said, laughing again.
"Daniel.." Warned Harry. "Back off, yeah?" He growled.
"Oh, what you gonna do? Go and adopt a puppy for me?" He mocked.
"Shut up." Harry said through gritted teeth, stepping forward.
"Make me." Harry started running, and the guy fled. Harry walked back over to me, anger in his eyes.
"Look what you've done!" He yelled.
"Excuse me?" I said, laughing slightly, not believing what I was hearing.
"People are going to think I've gone soft!" He spat.
"And that would be my fault?"
"Well who else's would it be?" 
"Hm, let me think. Yours? I never asked you to go and adopt my sister!" I spat.
"Do I care? You were thinking it!" He retorted.
"Oh, right. I never asked you to do this! I never asked you to hurt my best friend, I never asked you to kidnap me, I never asked you to stab me, I never asked you to come into my life, yet somehow all this is my fault!" I screamed, my voice cracking from the tears I was holding back.
"And I never asked myself to fall in love with you, but I did!" He yelled back. I went silent.
"Course." I scoffed.
"Y'know what, I don't need this, I have bigger problems thanks to you." Harry said coldly, and turned his back on me.
"Good. Maybe you'll leave me alone for once." I muttered.
"What?" He said, shooting me a glare.
"Nothing, just clear off." I spat and slammed the door.
"Eugh!" I screamed, clenching my fists.

Marcel's P.O.V
Where is she? Shouldn't she be here by now?
"Hi." Said a hushed voice. I turned my head slowly towards the door. As if on cue, she'd walked in.
"Kyra! Where the hell have you been!" 
"Long story." She sighed, perching herself on the edge of my bed.
"Spill." I demanded. She explained everything. I sit there, listening, not knowing what to say or do. 
"And I have to find another house." She ended.
"What? Why?" I asked, shocked.
"I can't afford to live in this house." She said, rubbing her forehead.
"Kyra, your parents left you tons of money. That's not the reason is it?" I asked, rubbing circles in her back. 
"No. It reminds me too much of Becky." She sighed.
"You can live at mine until you find another house." I smiled weakly.
"Thanks Mars." She smiled, kissing my cheek. "When do you get out of this dump?" She laughed, eyeing up the walls.
"Today!" I smiled. Her head shot back down to look at me.
"Yes! Finally!" She squealed. "Hey, I know you're probably still a bit weak, but there's a fair down the road.." She trailed off..
"I'd love to go! Not that weak to play a few games and go on the odd ride!" Marcel winked.
"You're an idiot." She laughed, slapping my shoulder playfully.
"Hey, that hurt." I pouted, rubbing my shoulder.
"Shut up." She laughed harder.

Harry's P.O.V
Oh, the fair? Smart. I guess they'll be in for a surprise then.

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