Scarred. ~Dark Fanfic~

I walked down the corridor of my new school, staring at my shoes, when I bumped into someone. I dared to look up. I slowly raised my head to find a curly haired boy, with an evil grin spread across his face. He had green orbs, that penetrated your soul. He wore black combat boots, a leather jacket completed with a skull shirt and bandana. I knew who he was. Harry Styles.

Please note that this is all made up and Harry Styles would never do this.


24. Broken Pieces.

"Surprise, sweetheart." He breathed, smirking.
"Harry." I said simply, keeping my chin slightly in the air, just to show I wasn't scared-even though I was.
"Weren't expecting to see me, where you?" He chuckled slightly. Time seemed to have frozen, and there was nobody about.
"Well, no. I wouldn't expect to see you somewhere fun." I spat, avoiding his eye contact. He began slowly pacing around me.
"Very funny." He said with a very serious tone. "You are stupid aren't you?" He questioned, still circling me like a vulture that had just found it's prey.
"Sure." I scoffed sarcastically. 
"You honestly think I buy it, don't you?"
"What?" I asked after a long, thoughtful pause.
"You and Marcel. I know he's fed up with you. You want to know why?" He said, a small, sly, smirk crawling across his face.
"Go on, enlighten me."
"Here's why." He smirked, pulling out, slowly and dramatically, a gun.

For some reason, I sighed in annoyance, knowing that this type of thing has occurred too many times with Harry, instead of gasping with fear. I only did that, when he raised the gun to my head.
"Everybody, leave, NOW." Harry yelled, putting me into a headlock. As the terrified people filed out of the fair, there were two people left, just standing there, shocked, but determined. Marcel, and..Becky.
"Becks!" I screamed. My screams became muffled as a hand was placed firmly over my mouth, and the gun pressed harder against my temples. I slowly turned my head to Harry with begging eyes to remove his hand. Surprisingly, he slowly removed his hand, but pressed the gun harder against my head.
"Marcel?" I said, my voice hoarse.
"Kyra, I-" He began.
"You? Really?" I asked.
"No! He twisted my words!" He defended. I looked up at Harry, then back to Marcel.
"I said I wanted to shoot anyone who hurt you! Not to shoot you!" He yelled, Becky firmly in his grip, her little hands trembling, maybe even more than mine.
"Becky, It's ok." I fake smiled.
"Is it?" Becky whispers, staring at me. My eyes widen in shock. I would never expect Becky to say something like this, or be in this situation in the first place. Marcel gazed down on Becky, but then shot his attention back to me.
"Yeah, how do you know, Kyra? What if it's not OK?" Harry chuckled cockily.
"I don't." I whispered. 
"Harry, let her go." Marcel said firmly, stepping forward, letting go of Becky.
"Oh, and why would I do that?" Harry smirked as Marcel edged closer, and closer.

Then, he ran. Harry pulled the gun from my head and aimed it at charging Marcel. In an attempt to save him, in one clumsy movement, pulled the gun down as he pulled the trigger. A deafening bang erupted in the air. I screamed in pain as the bullet pierced my foot. Harry and Marcel stood in shock as I fell to the floor, Becky no where to be seen. Harry was froze to the spot, like the floor was made of glue, so Marcel took his chance, bent down and scooped me up in his arms, bridal style. I was still screaming in pain as Marcel ran towards his car, dodging people in the crowd that had gathered outside the fair grounds, and leaving a frozen Harry behind..with Becky.
"Marcel, Becky!" I said, my voice strained.
"It's ok." He panted, laying me across the back seats of his Cleo. I screwed my eyes up in pain, and sucked litres of air through my teeth.
We sped all the way down to the hospital, my foot still bleeding. I took off one of my socks and wrapped it tightly around the wound, trying to stop the bleeding a bit. We arrived at the hospital and Marcel put me in a wheelchair. I was quickly wheeled down to a ward, where the pain finally eased, once I was dosed with drugs. Everything has been shattered. Gone. My sister, my family, my love. Gone, just like that, out of my grasp. Torn away from me. I'm on my own, I only have Marcel. All these broken pieces are adding up. And I'm done with it.

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