Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


3. First Night

I had to figure out what I was wearing tonight. So I told everyone I was leaving, then headed home. Then I heard my phone ring. "Wear something nice tonight love" said a text from Harry. I began to worry because I didn't know where this was going? I sat on my bed and all I could do was think. I walked to my closet and picked out a black dress with some Red high heels. I showered and put my make up on. I curled my hair but I tried not to look like I was trying to hard. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked fine. It was already seven and I was getting nervous. Harry wants to date me and Where is Nicole? My thoughts were over whelming me. I sat down ready to go until I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw Harry. All i seen was his nice green eyes. He looked at me and grabbed my hand and kissed it. "You look perfect" he said smiling with his cute dimple. I bit my lip feeling a little bit to nervous. "Thank you, well you clean up well too" I said looking atwhat he was wearing. He wore a tux. Which I thought was so handsome. "Shall we" he said. I nodded and smiled. We walked to his car. I grabbed him by his arm which was wrapped around mine and we walked towards his nice vehicle. It was decent and very impressing. I got in the car and he closed my door like a gentleman. I asked where we are going and apparently it was a surprise. As we were driving we talked about what we both do. Oh my gosh he was famous. I didn't even know. It's sad because Nicole and I been so busy with our lives. I was shocked. I texted Nicole and asked her "where the hell are you?!" No reply. I told harry where Zayn was and harry replied " He is with Nicole having the time of their lives" I wanted to ask him more info, but if he heard from Zayn then I shouldn't worry. We pulled up to some building. He took us up an elevator. The elevator opened and there was a nice dinner place set up on the roof. I was so amazed. I had butterflies. We Sat down and ordered. This place was fancy-smancy, there was lights related to Christmas lights I think. It was just him&I. It was more of a private dinner. The chefs were nice looking. flowers on the table. this guy really liked me. We talked about wondering what lies out of the universe and other weird stuff. I swear he understands me. As I looked into in his green beautiful eyes, I listened to what he was telling me. I couldn't stop thinking that I was dating a famous man. Oh my gosh. After dinner he drove me back and walked me to my doorstep. I said "thanks for a great night, it was fun". He replied "no problem anything for you love!" Than a long moment of silence while we looked into each others eyes. He told me I had nice beautiful brown eyes. I told him thanks. Than a special moment happened.... He leaned in and I closed my eyes and felt his soft lips press against mines. I let my hands brush through his brown curly hair. He was holding the side of my waist as we kissed romantically. I loved the way he smelled. His lips against mines was the best feeling ever. His touch against my waist was so gentle. After we kissed romantically he hugged me and walked back to his car as I walked back into my house. I put my back against the door after I closed it and I felt loved. I got into my night clothes and all I could think about was how Harry kissed me. I was the cheesiest-happiest person in the world. It felt so real, I never gotten a kiss like that. It was so passionate. I then realized that the front door open and I ran out and saw Nicole standing there with disbelief in her eyes. She smiled at me. I yelled "Where have you been all day the least you could do is call!!!" She came to me with a little tear in her eyes? And she hugged me. "What did that bastard do to you!!!" I yelled. "He made me feel like I was his only one" She said. "What are you talking about?" I said. "Well, when we left the hotel we were going to get tea and donuts but he ended up driving me to a Bowling alley and he was teaching me and I don't know, I just felt something like a spark or I don't know." I smiled at her and hugged her. "A spark is always important" I said. "And then we went back to his house" She said with a huge smile on her face. "Oh please tell me you didn't Nicole" I said almost laughing. "No! We were just talking and we just kissed, it just happened" She looked down and smiled to herself. "It must have been a make out session" I laughed and she nodded. I was so happy for her. "Well, I have some good news too" I said. "Harry asked you on a date" She smiled. "Oh my gosh! Why did you even leave me alone with him anyway!" I yelled laughing . "You enjoyed it right" She said. "Yeah" I looked down in disbelief. "You should be thanking me then." I nodded and smiled. "We should be getting to sleep then, we have a big day tomorrow!" She said jumping up. "What?" I said. "The boys are officially buying our perfume line" she said as she closed her door. "Right" I said and went to my room, I layed there thinking about what life has planned for us

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