Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


16. Another Day

Ash's POV

My date with harry was at the carnival I was wearing the nice turquoise necklace with a black cardigan and shorts, with sandals. He picked me up for the 4th of July. We talked and we walked up stairs for the roof. We kissed romantically when the fireworks were lit at 11pm. It was just us two. I looked into his cute green eyes, with his curly hair, and his cute dimple. I was so lucky. "Ashley, thank you for making me feel like the happiest man alive." Harry said smiling. "I'm glad I have you too" I said smiling. It was the most romantic date ever. We got ice cream after. Harry dropped me off. He asked if I could stay with him, I said yeah. I went to get my clothes, locked the door and we drove up to his house. My parents were convinced I'd be with Nicole, at her house. But that's not to worry about. Wow. Harry's house was like a mansion. Well, technically not to exact of a mansion but a HUGE house!

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