Does He Know?

The life of two girls who are trying to sell a perfume line. Involves 5 rock stars.


12. Advice given

Ash's POV

Today was a good day until Nicole was in an argument with Zayn. "Go in the room and talk to her babe" harry said. "Okay she's probably cooled down now. I'll be back, you should order some pizza love". Harry ordered some pizza, while I walked to the room to see Nicole. The door was locked. "Nicole, can I talk to you? Open the door." I said nicely. "Go away, my life is ruined!". I opened the door with an extra key I had. I opened the door. I seen Nicole crying on the bed. She looked at me and her mascara was running down her face. I raced to go hug her. "Why does Zayn have to cheat on me?!!" She said crying in a cracky voice. "Love, he was probably drunk. Look at the bright side you two are equal." I laughed and she started crying even louder. "It's not funny! I don't know how I should feel about this!" She replied. "Talk to him about it, see what he thinks and thinks about it". "Your right, I'll go stop by. His place." "Okay be positive about these situations okay? Be careful, oh take a couple of pizzas before you leave. Everything's going to be alright" I told her. She cleaned up and the pizza was here. We sat at the table eating, while harry was talking to her and cheering her up. Harold was such a good man. I was watching him, and I was smiling, he looked at me and smiled back. "I'll drop her off at Zayns". "Okay babe, you gonna go see louis right?" I replied. "Yes, I'll see you tomorrow love" Nicole got in his car. Harry and I were by the door, he kissed me gently and gave me a big ass bear hug. He smelt sooooo good. "Love you babe" he said "love you too be careful!".

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