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1. packing up

"Lacy come your going to miss your flight!" My mom yelled for me. I was getting ready to leave for my aunt Katie's house. She lives in LA. I'm leaving for the summer " Lacy hurry up!" "Coming!" I yelled back at her going down the stairs "ready!" "Ok you sure you want go honey?" "Yes mom I'm sure" my mom is always worried about me I had a bad school year that's why she is the way she is that's also why I'm leaving "alright let's get to the car!" " ok " I grabbed my bags an my purse and head out to the car. I don't want to leave my mom but I really need to get away. I open the passenger door and hop in this will be my first time on a plane. The car ride was weird it was fun in the begging ,but when we got closer it got quiet. When we pulled up and parked we got out and got my stuff out of the car. My mom walk me inside they were calling for my flight "ok you have everything?" "Yes i do mom" "awl ok I'm gunna miss you so much " they called for boarding "I'll miss you too mom" " ok call me when you land " "k I got to go bye love you " " I love u honey" I walk to the plane "hello ticket please " the lady behind the counter said I handed her the ticket "ok " "thanks I got on the plane and found my seat by the window I sat down and a old man was sitting next to me I put my headphones on and relaxed. I wake and we are almost there and the shakes I grab my handle bar tight "first time flying " the old man said "yes sir and you " "oh no I fly all the time." "May I ask why sir " "yes I fly so I can see my grand kids " "how many do you have ?" "9" wow that's a lot of kids "wow " he hands me picture of them there's a lot "I have a grand daughter that looks like you " he points to her on the picture she does we have the same hair and eyes we landed and left "goodbye sir " "goodbye young lady "

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