Twins, both born with extra special powers have been exploited and separated for several years. Finally the path they are on starts to crack.


1. 1

 "just one more test, then we'll be done for the day. Alakai."\

I sat in my chair, machines were hooked up all around me- my feet,hands and even my head was restrained. i wringled my wrist against the steel. i didn't respond, but they moved forward.

" alright." they turned on their machines from the other side of the two way mirror. that thing was useless, considering the fact that i could see through it. "Alakai, can you turn on that light blub?"

infront of me was a incandesant light blub, just sitting on a table. Of course i could just turn it on..but that wasn't like me. There was a loud computer screech before their machines and the light blub blew up, glowing for a slight second.

The people Backed away from the smoking metal, and one cursed. "Damn it alakai- when are you going to start behaving?" 

"WHEN I GO HOME!" i yelled, so hard it hurt my throat. I screehed and the robotic sound came again shaking the room, i flipped the table and  sent chairs through the two way mirror. Hatred filled my deathing gaze

soon after the same armored people who brought me into the testing room took me out, taking me to my 'room'. 

This room was blank, no emotion. marks from where my mind had tried to break free covered the walls. No attacks would avial, thick metal covered the walls.

I was determined i had not lived in this room my entire 17 years of living, but i could not recall anything beyond the white room and the testing place. Some part of me Didn't feel alone- someone was out there who knew who i was. i needed to fin that person.

i had plans for the next test.


I walked down the empty hallway, keeping my head down. my hand fumble the cards i had left in my hoodie pocket. I rounded the corner into the girls bathroom, entering the handy cap stall, only to sit on the ground. i set all the cards i had out, eight, well there was nine but odd numbers annoy me. 

i sighed, this was my escape. I lifted my hand- rasing the cards, and smiled. I thought- since the principal had taken most of my cards, it wouldnt work. i let them glide around the stall, circling my head. the moving objects fasinated me.

I had been born with this, although i didn't know until i was nine.  i tried moving other things but, only playing cards worked. i used this time in the bathroom to experiment, ive tried pencils, erasers, even an apple but nothing works. todays test was a pencil sharpener. as the other cards floated, i focused on the sharpener. finally the sharpener shook. It lifted slightly, falling apart till the blade was left. the blade flung straight at my face, i ducked and it struck the wall, becoming permantly stuck in the cinder blocks. the cards fell to the floor "EKK ... ok..n-no..T--that was a bad testing today"

I was shaking but i knew inside i was laughing. If i had been spectating that, im sure it would have been funny as hell. no one at this school would understand the joke but oddly, i felt someone else laughing along with me- inside. 

"Hey, did you hear that?" 

"sounded like something broke..check the stall!"

"eeew i dont wanna touch it!" 

"pff i will" 

The door opened and three of the most popular girls were standing outside. i dont know what about being popular makes you mean- but it does. "ohhh never mind sonya, its just that crazy black magic girl." blond one said

"im not crazy.." i frowned at them

"but you are sure as hell creepy, i mean skipping class to sit around with a bunch of cards, it gives me the chills." said the brunette, sonya

" you guys scare me, sitting in here all period talking about boys and telling embarrasing secrets." i faked a shiver "i mean one time i thought i heard something about chill smoking, wouldn't the principal like to know that?" 

Chill looked at me, she was blonde with icy blue eyes from which she got her nickname. " oh and he wouldn't like to know you drink in the locker room?"

I blinked "i don't do that.." 

sonya smiled "oh but who do you think he'll belive?"

i clenched my fist, when your popular.. you get away with things. but im not..

the black haired ,trish,one never spoke until now "leave her alone- shes suffered enough, i mean- look at her she has had no experience or any money to get real clothes." 

for some reason, that stung more than the other insults. i glared, and the cards rasied with my anger. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" before i knew it there was blood on the floor and brown hair. Trish clenched her arm,that was bleeding. sonyas mouth gapped as she looked at her hair half cut away. Chill bent down holding her leg.

chill glared at me " thats it adalyn, Your dead."

I exhaled, knowing that i was going to regret this...



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