You again?

Charlotte moved from New York to Holmes chapel in England. She couldn't fit in at first, until she met Harry, a famous singer from a boyband called One Direction. Charlotte have been together with Alex (her boyfriend from New York) for almost a year now, however, she couldn't resist Harry's charm. Does Charlotte still loves Alex? Or will she fall for Harry?


3. What does he want from me?

I put clean clothes on and tied my hair in a messy bun. I jumped on my chair to do some homework, i really care about my grades. I’ve always wanted to be just like my dad, I pushed myself harder and harder everyday. It was only 10 when my mom walked into my room.

"Charlotte, someone is here for you" she said

"ok mom" I wasn’t expecting for any of my friends to come over, i went to the living room to see who it was…

"Hey Charlotte, aren’t we suppose to be studying at my house?" He lied in front of my mom

"umm, yeah.. I almost forgot" i said.. I couldn’t say no.

I went to my room to take my bag and put my shoes on. When we reached the front door i made sure my mom wasn’t there anymore.

"Why did you lie?" I asked annoyed at him.

"because i want you to come over and you’ll decline if I didn’t lie" He said

I walked toward his front door and didn’t replied. When we enter his front door he opened it up for me. All of a sudden I felt him grabbing my wrist and pulling me close to him. He started kissing my sweat spot on my neck, i tried not making any sound but i couldn’t help myself and moaned. I couldn’t push him away from, I couldn’t move. I knew this was wrong, i have a boyfriend. After a while i finally pushed Harry away from me.

"Harry, I have a boyfriend" I state.

"We can keep it a secret, babe" He laughed

I ignored him, and walked out of the front door. I didn’t know what else to do. What if Alex finds out, i didn’t want to ruin our relationship just because of Harry. I never cheated on anyone before, was I even cheating? I pushed him off, right?

" Where are you going?" he asked

"Home" i said sprinting to my house.


My alarm woke me up at 7, when I realized that it was just Tuesday and that I have school. I went into the toilet and started brushing my teeth, i pulled my hair back and saw a mark on my neck. I tried covering it with my hair to hide it from my mom. I put my clothes on, without any rush because i wasn’t late. I still remembered clearly what had happened yesterday. It was really disturbing, i couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went downstairs and saw my mom cooking breakfast.

“do you want some pancakes?” she asked.

“ No thanks mom, i have to go early today” i lied to her. I wanted to avoid her because i didn’t want her to see the mark on my neck.

"okay, have a nice day charlotte" she said.

When i walked out of the door, I went straight to my car. I saw a boy with dark curly hair, I realized that it was Harry. I drove away from him after a winked at me. I didn’t know what that boy wants. I went to school 10 mins early and went to my first class, science. I really wasn’t in the mood for going to school and talking to Harry. Luckily he wasn’t in the same class as i am. The teacher kept on talking about chemicals, after that we were asked to work with out partner to do a project. I didn’t know anyone from this class, but there were some new students.

" Hi, I’m Mackenzie, do you mind working with me. I’m new in this school." The girl next to me asked.

"Not at all, I’m Charlotte and I’m also new here" I said, smiling back to her.

Mackenzie was really nice and fun. We get to know each other more, and we became really close in just one day. Mackenzie was from Canada and she moved here because her dad works here. We told each other everything, i know it’s a little strange but she seems like someone i could trust. Besides, I needed to talk to someone…

"My friends and I are going to a party tonight, do you wanna come?" she asked

"i don’t know…." i said, not sure.

"come one, it’ll be fun." she begged

" FIne" i replied


I went home to choose my outfit for tonight. It was 9, i went to put my makeup on and mydress. I took an hour to go there, i was really not in the mood for a party. I just realized that i haven’t talk to Alex for a long time. So I decided to text him.

Hey babe, when are you visiting? I miss you xx

Aww, i miss you too baby… I’m visiting next week for 2 months xx
Yayy, i cant wait to see you babe xx

My phone stopped vibrating, until suddenly it rang. It was an unknown number, i always saved people’s phone number.

“Hello?” i answered
“ Hello love” He answered. His voice is familiar. I realise that it was Harry’s voice.
“What do you want?” I said annoyed
“ i wanna know the color of your underwear” I can imagine him smirking.
“ What is wrong with you” i said.
“everything” he laughed
“ I have a boyfriend” I turned off the phone.

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