You again?

Charlotte moved from New York to Holmes chapel in England. She couldn't fit in at first, until she met Harry, a famous singer from a boyband called One Direction. Charlotte have been together with Alex (her boyfriend from New York) for almost a year now, however, she couldn't resist Harry's charm. Does Charlotte still loves Alex? Or will she fall for Harry?


4. What did i get myself into?

I turned my phone off so Harry wouldn’t be able to call me again. I heard a my doorbell ringing, i didn’t want to wake my mom so I quickly ran to the door and opened it. Mackenzie was here, she brought her friends, Eleanor, Perrie and Naomi. Mackenzie introduced them to me and we got to know each other on the way to the party. We arrived to the party, It’s 11 now and the party just started. The sound of the music was so loud and i can smell alcohol. This is what i needed, I’m going to enjoy this night and forget about everything, I told myself. If only Alex was here, it would be so much better. I went inside with the girls, we directly danced on the dance floor.

“I’m going to take drinks” I told them

“Okay, bitch” Mackenzie said, she was obviously drunk.

When i walked to get a drink, I felt someone grabbing my ass. I was going to slap that fucking asshole, but i didn’t because it was Harry. What the fuck is he doing here.


“ Calm down love” he laughed, like it wasn’t a big deal

“ What the fuck are you doing here?”

“ I’m just hanging out with my friends” he smiled

“Sorry, i freaked out” I said. But i wasn’t suppose to say sorry, he was suppose to apologize.

“I’ll forgive you, but…” He said

“but what?” I asked him curiously

“But… you have to let me buy you a drink” He smirked

“Fine, but just one drink..” I said.

We went to the bar and ordered some shots. We talked and laughed for hours…. I was surprised because he didn’t try to do anything to me, accept the one when he grabbed my butt. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds when he started grabbing my hand and pulling me to the dance floor.

“ Where the fuck are we going?” I giggled, obviously drunk.

“ We’re gonna dance” He said

We went to dance with everybody else, i saw the girls dancing with Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. Now i realized why Harry and I met, the girls are dating the guys from the band. It was 3:00am and i was exhausted after dancing and drinking for hours. Harry was out of sight, everyone was.. I looked for them everywhere but still couldn’t find them. I was too tired to wait for them so I decided to go home with a cab. I went outside the club to call a cab when i realzied that it was 3:30 in the morning so, I walked. The street was dark and the lights are dimmed. There were 3 guys drunk outside laughing. I tried to ignore them but them started walking towards me. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran, but they stopped me.

" Where do you think you’re going?" One of them asked me, I was scared and hopeless.

"HELPPP!!" I shouted, but no one was there. I pulled my phone out quietly and press the call button, and called harry. It took awhile for him to pick up. Luckily they didn’t notice it.

"No one is going to help you" They laughed.

Harry’s POV

I was talking to Liam, when i felt my phone vibrating. It was Charlotte, so i picked up.

"Hey, where are you love?" I asked. But she didn’t answer. I heard a man telling her that no one is going to help her.

" Can someone please help me, I’m here outside the club… Please help" She screamed. I ran outside and saw 3 guys trying to rape her. I raised my fist, preparing myself for a punch. I shoved my fist into each of their jaw. They collapses i looked down at them and saw blood spills from their mouths and cuts on their faces. They deserve it. I helped Charlotte up, she look so frightened.

"I’ll take you back home" I said

" You don’t have to, i can walk myself home" She said

" I want to" i smiled

We didn’t talk much in the car, she still look traumatized. When we arrived at her house i walked her to the front door. We stared each other for awhile, i can see her beautiful brown eyes gazing at mine. She smiled and went inside.

Charlotte’s POV
it’s been a week since Harry saved me from… that… I dont even want to mention it. It was friday morning and i have to get ready for school. I kept on thinking of Harry, he didn’t even text me. He usually text me 24/7, but he doesn’t recently since what happened in the party. I put on myclothes. I went to school directly, my mom was cooking breakfast downstairs. I barely see her, only when in the morning when i go to school. I went to school right on time. The bell rang and I walked to my first class, English. Harry was in the same class as I was, i wanted to ask him what’s wrong but the class started. After class he hurried to lunch.

“Harry!” I shouted.

“umm, what’s up love?” he added

“I just wanted to thank you” I smiled

“ For what?” He asked

“ Last week, and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you earlier.. I was still traumatized.” i said

“ You’re welcome babe” he laughed

Harry’s POV
Charlotte thanked me for what have happened last week. I didn’t talked to her for a week because I thought she needed time to heel. I felt much better cause know i can flirt with her.

When i walked back home after school, i bumped into her. She was heading somewhere else.

“hey love” i smirked

“ When i thanked you, it doesn’t mean you can stalk me” she said annoyed.

“ Hah, i wasn’t stalking you babe… Where are you heading?” I asked curiously.

“ To meet my boyfriend, please don’t bother me..” She said and walked away

Her boyfriend? Wait he’s here? In Holmes Chapel?

Charlotte’s outfit    
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