You again?

Charlotte moved from New York to Holmes chapel in England. She couldn't fit in at first, until she met Harry, a famous singer from a boyband called One Direction. Charlotte have been together with Alex (her boyfriend from New York) for almost a year now, however, she couldn't resist Harry's charm. Does Charlotte still loves Alex? Or will she fall for Harry?


5. My boyfriend

Charlotte’s POV
I was so excited for today, Alex is staying here for 2 months.. But, i just hope he won’t find out about what happened between Harry and I. I also don’t want him to worry about what happened last week in the club. Anyways, I’m going to meet him at his apartment that he is staying for a couple of months. I accidently bumped into a boy and dropped his phone. I was about to apologize but then I realized that it was Harry.

“hey love” he smirked

“ When i thanked you, it doesn’t mean you can stalk me” I said really annoyed.

“ Hah, i wasn’t stalking you babe… Where are you heading?” he asked curiously.

“ To meet my boyfriend, please don’t bother me..” I said and walked away. Why am I telling him this?

It just took me 15 mins to go to the apartment, when i arrived I went up to the 5th floor. I pressed the doorbell once then Alex opened the door right away. He hugged and pecked my on the lips, I can see he was so happy.

“I missed you so much babe!!!” he shouted

“I missed you too!!” I jumped at him.

“What do you want to do today… Watch, go to the park, or just cuddle each other all night?” He asked joking.

“Cuddleee!!!” I pushed him to the bed and sat on top of him tickling him.

“hahahahaha, please stop charlotte” He laughed. I knew he can’t stand it when I tickle him. He jumped on top of me and started to tickle me. I laughed so hard until someone disturbed us, there was a knock at the door. Ugghh, the timing was so wrong!!!

“Who is it?” he groaned.

“I’ll take it” I smiled at him. I open the door and saw Harry standing and smiling at me. He was wearing a white shirt and tight black jeans, he looked hot… wait, what no.. he doesn’t..


“i wanted to see your boyfriend” He said calmly.

“I clearly said to not bother me, and you’ll ruin our date… Please just leave..” I said

“Hey babe, who is it” Alex shouted.

“ Ohhh, it’s.. umm-” I said before he cutt me off

“Harryyy” He shouted. Alex walked to the door and smiled.

“ohh, heyy.. I’m Alex, Charlotte’s boyfriend” He smiled.

“Yeah, she talked a lot about you, I’m Harry by the way, Charlotte’s friend from school. I’m her lab partner and I just wanted to drop this off, she left it in class.” He lied while handing me my book. How did he get my book?

“ Oh, thanks” I said giving him a fake smile

“ You should come hangout with us, we’re watching a movie, he can come right Charr?” Alex asked him. Whaaatt he’s coming, why now?!! Ughh

“ Ummm, I dont know” I said

“Come on Charr, we can’t just leave him here” He said. I can see Harry with his evil smile behind Alex.

“Fine” I rolled my eyes.

Harry kept on annoying me, i just want to end this as soon as possible. When we arrived at the cinema we bought tickets to Insidious 2. I’ve always hated horror movies, but Alex really wanted to watch it so i didn’t want to ruin the moment, besides, i dont want him to think i’m a coward. We went into the theatre and the movie started to play, I was beginning to feel scared. I was sitting in between Alex and Harry, It was awkward and everyone was so quiet. Alex went to the toilet and left me with Harry. I jumped at Harry and put my head on his chest to avoid looking at the face of the ghost.

“are you scared love?” He laughed

“To be honest… YES” I said. He hugged me tight and made me feel a lot more comfortable and warm.

“Does this makes you feel better?” He asked.

“Yes, thanks” i answered. It was really comfortable being with Harry, he was so warm and cozy. I quickly jumped back into my seat, i just remembered that Alex was here.

“what’s wrong babe?” he asked
“ umm, nothing, i already feel better now” i stated


I was so exhausted after watching the movie, i wanted to end this long night. “Can we go back home? I’m exhausted” I said

RINGGG!! Alex’s phone rang

“hello?... okay i’ll be there” Alex said in the phone

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“i have to go pick my sister up, Harry do you mind dropping her off?” Alex asked.

“No, not at all.” Harry said giving me a wink. I just can’t wait till this is over, i just dont want him to seduce me!

“I’m so sorry babe, i’ll make it up to you, i swear” Alex said while kissing my forehead. There was something weird about him lately. His sister wouldn’t be going home from her friend’s house this late. As Alex went inside his car and drove away Harry and I had to go home ALONE.

Harry’s Pov
Alex had to go pick up his sister, so i get to hangout with Charlotte, SCORE! I was really annoyed by Alex when he kissed her, I usually don’t get annoyed easily. I mean, i dont mind if a girl cheats on a guy for me. Honestly, I don’t believe in true love, never have and never will. But whenever Charlotte is with me, everything is different, she’s different. She’s nothing like the other girls, and i like it.

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