You again?

Charlotte moved from New York to Holmes chapel in England. She couldn't fit in at first, until she met Harry, a famous singer from a boyband called One Direction. Charlotte have been together with Alex (her boyfriend from New York) for almost a year now, however, she couldn't resist Harry's charm. Does Charlotte still loves Alex? Or will she fall for Harry?


7. I can explain

“Alex?” I said out of words. Looking at him fucking a blondie. I just can’t believe he would do something like that to me. I know something was going on and i was desperate to know but now I just wish i didn’t find out.
“Wait, Charlotte, I can explain!” He shouted. I didn’t want to hear any of his explanations, I dropped my pizza and ran. The lift was occupied so I kept running to the stairs, I can still hear footsteps behind me, he was still chasing me. I didn’t know where to go, it was pouring outside and I didn’t bring my car. He almost caught me so I took off my heels and ran as fast as I could, I didn’t know where I was heading but I don’t care and kept running until I couldn’t hear anymore footsteps behind me. I stopped and realized that I ended up in the forest. I can still see the road from here, but i look like a crazy girl if I wonder on the middle of the road looking like this.

I decided to find a shelter, a tree to keep me from getting wet. I felt a teardrop streaming down my face, I can’t hold it any longer so i let it out my tears pouring down my cheek and onto my hands while I put them on my face. It was just drizzling so I put my shoes on and started walking home, i went out of the forest, still crying and soaking wet.

I saw a park so I rested there for awhile, my eyes started to swollen yet I’m still crying. I was all dirty but luckily there isn’t anyone in the park or outside, only some cars passing through the park. The rain started pouring harder. I pulled my feet to the bench and curled up onto a ball, I didn’t care any longer if the rain started pouring harder and harder. I then found myself falling asleep.

Harry’s POV
I got back together again withTaylor Swift, so i can have someone to fuck. I accompanied her shopping, it was so obvious that she was trying so hard to flirt with me. She kept on complaining about how she gained weight in these couple of days, honestly, she looks like that everyday. I can’t listen to any of this bullshit anymore, i went home. I stopped on the red light, it was pouring outside. I looked around, the streets are almost empty, until I saw someone... a girl sitting on a bench putting her head to her knee. I need to do something, she’ll be sick. I parked my car and ran towards her. As i got closer, I realize, she fell asleep. I carried her, bridal style, into my car and lay her down at the back seat, i saw her face, it was Charlotte. She seemed to be tired because she didn’t wake up when I carried her to my car.

I put her on my bed and she was soaking wet so I took her clothes off. She’s so beautiful.... I took my t-shirt and put them on her, it looked sexy on her. It was late and the boys are coming tonight so i left her in my bed and went downstairs when the bell rang.

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Zayn asked, he’s usually the quiet one, he’s clearly in a good mood.

“Shh... Charlotte is sleeping in my room, you’ll wake her!”

“Harry, i thought you and taylor got back together?” Liam asked

“We did”

“Then why is there a girl in your room?” he asked and raised his eyebrows.

“I took her here because it was pouring outside and she was really tired and fell asleep on the bench in the park, so i took her here because she’ll be sick... I’ll be right back, i’m buying drinks” I said trying to change the subject.

“okay” he replied.

Charlotte’s POV
I opened my eyes and took my phone on the bedside table to look at the time, it was 2:00 in the morning. I notice the bedside table, it wasn’t mine. I looked around the room, I’ve never been here before, it’s not my room. I stood up and took my phone with me. I opened the door and peeked outside, i can hear guys laughing loudly.

I went down the stairs and looked at who it was. It was 4 guys sitting in the kitchen talking about random things. I walked back upstairs to take my belongings, getting ready to go home, I wasn’t wearing my clothes, i was wearing a big white tshirt. As i was about to open the door, a guy with blonde hair appeared.

“Hi Charlotte” A blonde guy said behind me. I recognized this guy from somewhere, but i just couldn’t remember.

“Niall Horan.... We met in the party" He said as if he’s been reading my mind. I immediately know where I was... Harry’s house. But where’s Harry? and how did I get here?

“How did I get here?”

“Harry took you here because he said he found you sleeping on a bench when it’s raining, aren’t you going to come downstairs?” He added. I must have forgotten about Alex, now I remembered everything that happened. My eyes started to fill up with tears but luckily I can hold it back in.

“no thanks, i was just leaving.”

“Come on, it’s dark outside, i’ll take you home tomorrow morning”

“okay, if you insist” I said

We talked a lot, he is a really nice guy. I got to know him more in just an hour, we didn't talk that much in the party. He took me downstairs and re-introduce me to his friends, incase I or them have forgotten. I looked around the room and saw Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall, but I couldn’t spot Harry anywhere.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked

“He was just buying some drinks, what is taking him so long” The guy with the brown hair said, it was Louis. A few minutes later the door opened, it was Harry.

“What took you so long?” Louis said.

“Almost all of the stores are closed so I had to find a store that opens 24/7” He said but didn’t looked up to me yet.

“Look who I found” Niall said to Harry

“You’re awake..” he smiled

“Yup” I said popping the “P”

“May I?” I asked pointing to the beer Harry just bought. I just had to take my mind off of Alex now. My eyes are swollen and I know everyone noticed, but they didn’t want to bring it up.

“Sure” Harry said.

It was 4:00 now and so far, i’ve been drinking 7 cans of beer. I was clearly drunk, but I’m not the only one, everyone is. We talked a lot and become close in the past few hours. Niall and I have been so close, even though we just met a couple of hours ago but he seemed really nice. We switched numbers and thought we should hangout more. They were all in the same school as I am, but maybe because I’m new, I don’t really see them often. Harry and Taylor got back together, and that is why they hung out. I felt a little jealousy i don't know why.. I went upstairs with Harry, he wasn’t as drunk as I am. He let me sleep with him, I agreed because i had to.

Harry’s POV
I got home and saw Charlotte awake. I know something wrong is going on with her, her eyes are swollen. It looks like she's been crying, A LOT. As soon as she saw the drinks i bought, she asked if she could get one and then another and kept on drinking. She drank a lot, I can see she was getting a little tipsy. It’s late, and we all got into our rooms to sleep. I let her sleep in my room.

“So, are you and Taylor Swift back together?” she asked while sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Yes, what about you and Alex?”

“What about us?” She replied right away

“You guys are acting a little weird lately” I said while taking off my shirt and putting a new one on. She didn’t reply, I turned to her but she passed out.

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