Can a girl protect Harry Styles ?


1. at the concert

Okay I won back stage passes to one direction after the concert Harry Louis and Niall were about to get shot I shouted and I tackeled them to the ground when he didn't stop he had dropped the gun and was about to attack us

Me: run go !

Harry: no we can help

Louis : see ya later

Niall: uh uh uh


The man came after me and tried to kill harry I reacted the only way I knew how I kicked him and he tried to punch me I did a flip so I could before he kicked me I punched him and the. Kicked him knocking him out the police ended up coming so I talked to them and when I was done the manager of one direction asked me to be there body guards harry thanked me and so did the rest of one direction and they said they are happy that they have such a beautiful girl as there body guards.

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