Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


10. My life is easier now...



Rn my life is so much more complete. It has been a few months since I last kissed Daniel, and I don't regret anything. I was a player and tried to date Joanna while he was dating me, so I dumped him and so did Joanna. My whole life have I been dating the jerks, but finally I´m free. Oh btw I got rid of Josh. He found another girl, and tbh I´m kinda relieved that he found someone else, cuz I was starting to think that he would never leave. I´m currently kinda besties with Beth cuz she tweets me a lot. Anyways that was just some quick update on my life rn.


As I came home from school I noticed, that Bethany had tweeted me once again.


*To Em from Beth*

@themotafanside hey bae just wanna say you´re gorgeous <3 ily


*My tweet back to Beth*

@bethanymota well Bethany you´re just perfection <3 ily2


As I tweeted that my phone buzzed.

"Hey sis! what are you going to wear to the JB concert tomorrow night?" - Celia

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I´m going to hear JB tomorrow

"Hey! I think my black dress I bought when I had to go to that party with Joanna. The one with the low back." - Emily

As I turned on my computer I went to read a little about the concert tomorrow, I realized that one person was going to sing one song before Justin... Austin Mahone... Just for a sec there I almost died inside. Anyways I had to book a hotel bc the concert was far away and I had to book another hotel bc after the concert I was going to vidcon to talk to Beth.


*A/N OMG I´m so sorry about I haven't updated my stoly in a while. I don't even wanna make an excuse bc I think it´s lame. Anyways I just read some of my old chapters and they´re kinda lame too but what can I do. I realized that had a lot of misspelled words but I hope you guys don't mind... again I´m so sorry and I hope it´ll be better xoxo*

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