Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


5. Bethany Mota giveaway



Emily: Woooow. I-I love y-you.

Beth: Just relax. I won't go anywhere.

Emily: I´ve been watching your videos in like forever.

Beth: What do you think about winning my giveaway?

Emily: OMG....OMG....OMG...

Beth: I knew you would be happy.

Emily: I just love you... Like really LOVE you.

Beth: Okay.. I don´t really know what to say

Emily: It´s okay.. I´m just soooo happy that I´ve meet you.

Beth: Anyway I have to go home.

Emily: Okay.. I LOVE YOU.

Beth: Just tweet me about your youtube account.

Emily: Sure.. Bye

Beth: Bye:-)


Joanna and I just stared at each other.

We went home and I logged onto twitter and wrote a message to Beth. She was so sweet when she told me that I´d win the giveaway. When I went to sleep that night I could´t fall asleep. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed about Beth. It was an amazing dream. 


*I know it´s a long time since I´ve made a chapter but I didn´t fell like make one because I didm´t have the time for it. But now I´ve made a new chapter. Hope you enjoyed.*

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